Kevin Spacey will have to pay $31 million for his sexual misconduct, but it’s the least of his problems

The actor has recently been accused of four new crimes of sexual abuse in the United Kingdom.

Kevin Spacey will have to pay $31 million compensation for his alleged sexual misconduct. Will be MRCthe producer of House of Cardswhich will receive such compensation, according to dead line. In November, an arbitrator ruled in favor of the company and, now, it has been a judge who has ruled that the actor must compensate MRC, adding that It’s not “a closed case”.

Kevin Spacey will pay 31 million dollars to the producer of ‘House of Cards’ for breaching the contract after the sex scandal

The interpreter gave life to the protagonist of House of Cards Frank Underwood and was fired with a bang after a series of accusations against him that he harassed young men. The Netflix fiction team also accused the interpreter of sexual misconduct, such as the alleged groping of an assistant. MRC conducted an investigation, and eventually they decided to terminate her acting and producing contract.

Yesterday, August 4, the Los Angeles Superior Court judge Mel Red Recana confirmed what was ruled by an arbitrator in 2020. Spacey will have to pay $29.5 million in damages and the remainder in costs and fees. The arbitrator established that the plaintiff’s conduct constituted a breach of their acting and executive production agreements. MRC claimed that they had lost money from the forced rewrite of the sixth season of house of cardsthe first great success of Netflix, and that it had to be reduced from 13 to 8 episodes.


However, this compensation is the least of Spacey’s problems, who was accused of four new crimes of sexual abuse by the United Kingdom prosecutor’s office last May. These crimes, of which the actor has pleaded not guilty, were the result of a long investigation carried out by the Metropolitan Police and the alleged abuses occurred between 2005 and 2013 in London and Gloucestershire. The charges include one of serious sexual offense, which involves penetrative sexual activity without consent. Although the Crown Prosecution Service has authorized the charges, the actor has not been formally charged because he was not in the country.

Kevin Spacey is accused of four new crimes of sexual abuse by the prosecution of the United Kingdom

Spacey’s sex scandal dates back to 2017, when actor Anthony Rapp told buzzfeed at the height of the movement #MeToo after the accusations against the producer Harvey Weinstein, who had been a victim of the interpreter in 1986 when he was a minor. Rapp claimed that Spacey had made “sexual advances” towards him when he was only 14 years old. After his statements, Spacey released a statement confirming his homosexuality and stating that he did not remember anything that Rapp had said.

But Rapp was only the beginning. Then came the accusations by eight members of the team of House of Cardswho claimed that Spacey caused a “toxic” work environment making rude comments and non-consensual touching of young male staff.

Later there were more accusations. Specifically, about 30. Of these, the theater Old Vic of London – on which Spacey served as art director from 2004 to 2015 – received 20, all of which were from young men who claimed to have received “a variety of inappropriate behaviors”.

After Spacey’s firing, House of Cards it continued with a sixth season with Robin Wright as the lead. But this was not the only consequence for the actor, he was also replaced by Christopher Walken in all the money in the world, 2017 film by Ridley Scott. Now, four years after the accusations, the actor signed in 2021 for the film L’uomo Che Disegnò Dio of the director and actor Franco Nero and shot in 2021 the film Peter Five Eight.

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Kevin Spacey will have to pay $31 million for his sexual misconduct, but it’s the least of his problems