Kevin Spacey, accused of four sexual assaults, is free until the next hearing



kevin spacey breathe a little easier. Judge Tanweer Ikram of the Westminster Magistrates’ Court in London has released him without bail this Thursday after reading the five charges he faces after the four accusations for sexual assault and one more for non-consensual penetration of another man.

Upon arrival at the preliminary hearing, with a retinue of bodyguards, the American actor appeared calm and confident that he would emerge victorious. his lawyer, patrick gibbsThis has been transmitted in the courtroom: “The actor firmly denies any criminal activity in this case.”

It was at the end of May when the United Kingdom Prosecutor’s Office announced its decision to prosecute Kevin Spacey for four crimes of sexual abuse of the actor.

Specifically, the events took place between 2005 and 2013 when the actor was artistic director at the iconic Old Vic theater in London. The three complainants, aged between 30 and 40, accuse the veteran performer of sexual assault. Two of the charges are from 2005, another from 2008 and the last one, would have occurred in April 2013 in Gloucestershire (southwest of England).

In 2017, the actor Anthony Rapp He also denounced him for sexual assault at an event in Manhattan that took place in 1986, when he was still a minor. Reason why he was removed from the ‘House of Cards’ series. After this, dozens of young people were encouraged to raise their voices against Spacey’s abuse, including the son of Richard Dreyfuss, Harry. He claimed that she had groped him. “Spacey touched me when he was 18 years old. He knew that he could grope me in a room where my father was present and that he would not say anything. He knew he wouldn’t have the courage to say it. And I didn’t,” he said then.

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Kevin Spacey, accused of four sexual assaults, is free until the next hearing