Kevin Costner’s eternal and painful second divorce

last may 1 Kevin Costner and his second wife, Christine Baumgartner, signed the marriage divorce certificate, after eighteen years of living together, parents of three children. As the popular actor has stated, the idea did not come from him, who wanted to save the couple. She has not wanted to confess the reason for her decision. Insurmountable differences according to the sentence, which in principle forced Kevin to pay his ex the amount of $248,000 per month for their maintenance and that of their offspring. Finally, the final agreement has been established as follows: the medical, school and extracurricular expenses of their children will be fifty percent, and one hundred and sixteen thousand euros that the actor has to satisfy his ex, half of what it asked for. Keep in mind that as much as Kevin wanted to get out of paying, it is known that his net worth has been estimated at two hundred and twenty-six million dollars.

Kevin is somewhat confused, since his wife was not expected to bring this unpleasant end to him, especially for him. At the moment, we insist, no reasons have come to light why Christine Baumgartner asked for a divorce, it is not known if there are people involved. In the case of a figure as well known as him, it would have been known by now if there was another female next to him.

Christine was working as a model and designer when Kevin started courting her. From her love history, it is known that she is attracted to that feminine profession, since she has already had affairs with more than one colleague of whom she was going to be her second wife. They dated together for six months. She gave the impression that she was the one who didn’t want to take a false step. Thus, until a judge married them in 2004. It was not until this spring of 2023 that the news broke that she wanted to break up with Kevin. And in April, the magazine People went ahead confirming those rumors. At forty-nine years old, Christine Baumgartner He believes that he can give another meaning to his life.

Kevin Costner He is sixty-eight years old, a native of the state of California. He is very upset with what has happened to him now when he has to get a divorce; For this reason, cautiously, he let Christine know at the time that, for the good of both, it was necessary for them to marry with a division of property. With his first wife, Cindy Silva, “the joke” when breaking up the marriage was very expensive: he had to indemnify her with eighty million dollars, which is how the rich spend them in the United States. Only in expenses with the lawyers, the one who bears the worst part has the whole judicial process come out of a kidney. He asked for it, because she hired a private detective, who obtained the necessary evidence that Cindy sensed: Kevin was cheating on her with more than one woman.

With his then wife Christine | Archive

The actor used to declare in interviews that he was a deeply family man. With his face, he gave the impression of “not having broken a plate” in his life. But it is that throughout his life he has done nothing more than, leaving his cinematographic activity aside, sleeping with the first woman who came within range. So a London waitress, when she was filming in the English capital Robin Hood, prince of thieves.” Her name was Sheri Stewart. She this, she went to the writing of a newspaper, of the very popular “tabloids” and in exchange for a handful of sterling pounds she recounted the intimacy she lived with Costner and her way of having sex. Everything published there reached the ears of the wife and children of the American actor. That variety of positions in bed that the aforementioned Sheri recounted was a consequence of when, long ago, not yet being a successful actor, he had been forced to film erotic and even “porn” films, where he obviously had to act as a sexual athlete.

Kevin, as we say, has had enough experience with women by now. Good taste to his, when paired with beauties such as Elle McPhersonquoted “top model”, as well as the star Mira Sorvino, Courteney Cox, the then model and singer Carla Bruni, when he did not imagine that he was going to live in the Élysée as the first lady of France… Together with the television presenter Bridget Roonie, it was said that he had had a son, Liam, at the end of 1996. But with them he never spoke of marriage, but with Cindy Silva, his first wife from 1978 to 1994.

There are seven children that the actor has. Three with Cindy and another three with Christine. The seventh was, as we said, extramarital, with the aforementioned Bridget Rooney. Of all that family, the eldest is thirty-nine years old, she was an actress and currently a producer. The rest of his descendants, almost all have to do with the artistic world, either actors or dedicated to music, except for the boy who was born from his relationship with Bridget Rooney.

As a young child, Kevin Costner was passionate about sports: He played baseball, basketball, American football and canoeing. He came to build himself a canoe with which he went up the Missouri River, at the age of eighteen. He studied Business Sciences and at the end of his degree he was hired in a marketing company. But that job lasted a single month, for the following. He took a plane trip on which flight he happened to coincide with Richard Burton. Without thinking twice, he approached him, telling him how much he admired him and that he would like to dedicate himself to the cinema. The sympathetic veteran British actor, encouraging him, told him: “You always have to fight if you want to fulfill your dreams.” And Kevin didn’t think twice, because he settled in Hollywood right away.

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Of course, in the Mecca of cinema “they don’t tie dogs with sausage”, as they used to say here. And to earn a living while the first opportunity to debut on the screen arose, he had to work as a truck driver, fisherman and tour guide in one of the most visited places in Hollywood, Bel-Air, which is where movie celebrities have their luxurious mansions. So Kevin might have thought that one day he, too, might rub shoulders with those celebrities. And he achieved it with great determination, after his first role, in 1981, of course with a brief assignment. The great films of him as the protagonist would arrive: The untouchables, JFK, in the role of Judge Jim Garrison, who led the trial about the assassination of the President of the United States, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, and especially these two titles: The bodyguard and Dancing with Wolves, which established him as one of the most effective adventure leading men. For that last tape he won an Oscar for acting and directing. And it is that, to the nearly sixty films of him as an actor, he adds four in his facet as a director.

I’ve had some setbacks as a producer, losing quite a bit of money on the bet. But last year he made a whopping nineteen million dollars. It is true that the US Treasury gets a good pinch, but stars like Kevin Costner always have enough left to live like a potentate.

In recent seasons he has preferred to dedicate himself to television. Five seasons she remained as the protagonist of the series yellowstone, very successful. At the moment he has not decided if he will continue in it, because now he is dedicated to his next filming on the big screen, Horizon, where another of his children, Hayes, thirteen years old, will debut. And regarding his sentimental future, she will have to consider whether or not to marry again. The women he has married have nearly ruined him.

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Kevin Costner’s eternal and painful second divorce