Keanu Reeves: the sequels he refused

Keanu Reeves sometimes said no to Hollywood! Discover these sequels that the actor on the poster for Matrix 4 has declined.

Whether it is with the 4 Matrix films, the 4 John Wicks or the 3 Bill and Ted, we can not say that Keanu Reeves has not already agreed to shoot sequels to feature films of which he had been the hero. However, he excluded some, however, by refusing the roles offered to him.

It will not be a question here of studying the films for which Keanu Reeves was considered and then that he was ultimately unable to do either for agenda reasons (the role of Jude Law in Captain Marvel), external events (Batman 5 by Joel Schumacher canceled when he could have played the Scarecrow there) or someone else was preferred to him (Val Kilmer in Heat).

We will only deal with films that he actually refused. You can find him in theaters in Matrix Resurrections:

Speed ​​2: heading for danger (1997)


After the success of Speed ​​(1994), a sequel was launched, still directed by Jan de Bont. We ask Keanu Reeves if he wishes to reprise his role as Jack Traven, but he refuses to go and shoot The Devil’s Associate, agreeing for the occasion to lower his salary so that Al Pacino can give him the answer. Hard blow for Sandra Bullock, very friends with Reeves since the first film. She finally agrees to stay in the cast of this sequel and in exchange, asks to do just after one of her heart projects: Thus goes life (1998). On Speed ​​2, Reeves will be replaced by Jason Patric.

Point Break (2015)

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In 2007, a sequel to Point Break was imagined, in which Bodhi (Patrick Swayze) was to be back under the direction of Jan de Bont (Speed). The project will not succeed, especially following the death of Swayze in 2009. When a remake project is relaunched in 2013, the media ask Keanu Reeves about his possible presence, and he replies: “absolutely not, I have nothing to do there “. He does not appear in the cast of the film, which will be a box office flop.

The Fly 2 (1989)

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20th Century Fox

Twentieth Century Fox would like to ride on the good results of David Cronenberg’s The Fly with Jeff Goldblum, which turned out to be very profitable. A sequel is therefore under construction, entrusted to the director Chris Walas, who won the Oscar for the makeup of Goldblum in the first film. Keanu Reeves is approached to play the son of Seth Brundle from the original film. However, he refuses to interpret it, and the role goes to Eric Stoltz, who had previously declined, but finally accepts after rewriting the script. As for Keanu, he goes to France to participate in Dangerous Liaisons.

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Keanu Reeves: the sequels he refused