Keanu Reeves secretly engaged to Alexandra Grant

Keanu Reeves secretly engaged to Alexandra Grant and his followers celebrate that he takes another step towards happiness, because although he has shone with his films, the actor’s life has not been easy.

It was in 2019 when Keanu Reeves made public shis love affair with artist Alexandra Grant, a woman who showed that intelligence is the best quality one can have and that we should not fear beauty standards, as she empowered mature women by showing off impeccable gray hair.

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Although Keanu Reeves achieved success with Movies like “The Matrix”, “John Wick”, “The Devil’s Advocate” and “Sweet November”his personal life has not been easy because he has lost several of his loved ones, including his ex-wife and the baby they were expecting.

Reeveswhom we also remember for his participation in “Dracula” next to Winona Ryder, became an icon of success, humility and good heart, as the actor has donated a large part of his earnings to charity and now, next to Alexandra Grant has formed one of the most admired couples thanks to their low profile, their affection, their respect and the way they support each other.

It is OK magazine that has pointed out that weeks ago Keanu Reeves got engaged to Alexandra Grant giving him a ring valued at 200 thousand dollarsan amount equivalent to almost half a million Mexican pesos.

Apparently, Keanu Reeves had spent several months in Europe doing the new deliveries of “John Wick” Y Alexandra Grant He was by her side, at the end of the filming he made her the marriage proposal and although she accepted, it is not known when the wedding will take place.

Sandra Bullock, the unforeseen cupid of a friendship that turned into love

The publication notes that Keanu Reeves reportedly decided to propose to Alexandra Grant after a talk with a dear friend, Sandra Bullock, who encouraged him to take the important step and with whom he coincided in the film “Maximum speed”.

Alexandra Grant and Keanu Reeves They met approximately in 2009 at a dinner with mutual friends and after a long friendship, they became a couple, making their first public appearance as boyfriends in 2019 and surprising the actor’s followers, for having chosen a woman outside the medium . Reeves has spoken little about his romance, but from the images that the paparazzi have captured, he is in one of the best moments of his life.

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Keanu Reeves secretly engaged to Alexandra Grant