Keanu Reeves drives us crazy by telling which Marvel character he would like to play


New movie coming? Here we hope that this is reality. The actor Keanu Reeves left us all on fire by commenting that he would like to play one of the MCU characters, something that could be a key for Marvel to get its act together and seek to integrate it into its cinematographic deliveries.

The Canadian, popular for films such as The Matrix or Constantine, has made it clear that he has incredible versatility and that at 58 he is still more relevant than ever. We may be dreaming, but, he was the same actor that He commented that it would be an honor for him to play Wolverine. Moreover, it would not be enough for him to be an X-Men, Keanu made it clear that if he was given a choice, he would play one of the most important X-Men in this installment.

We are clear that nobody would like to have Reeves as a rival in a movie, but, whether as a villain or as a hero, it would be very interesting to see this outstanding actor in a role never seen before. We remind you that this is just a comment by the actorbut, it would be a dream to see him as part of the UCM.

Keanu Reeves drives us crazy by telling which Marvel character

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Keanu Reeves drives us crazy by telling which Marvel character he would like to play