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He is Neo in the “Matrix” saga, he is John Wick in the films of the same name, and Keanu Reeves is not satisfied. The coolest actor in the world has indeed spoken about the very famous DC character, whom he would dream of one day embodying.

Can Keanu Reeves wear the cape?

Can Keanu Reeves play superheroes? Of course, being some kind of movie superhero himself, and associated with great characters who made him one of the icons of pop-culture. Especially Neo in MatrixJohn Wick, Johnny Utah in point break and Jack Traven in Speed.

On the superhero side of pure tradition, he literally embodied one of the DC Comics in Constantine in 2005 – at the dawn of the heyday of the genre – and we can hear it from July 27, 2022 give your voice to batman in Krypto and the Super Animalsthe canine and animated version of Justice League.

John Constantine (Keanu Reeves) – Constantine ©Warner Bros.

Currently, the hope is slim to see him again in a new film. Constantine. And we can also be surprised that the actor, given his notoriety, has still not done at least a cameo in a Marvel or DC blockbuster. Refractory? Not in the least, and Keanu Reeves has even spoken about his desire to one day play Batman in a live action.

“May be later…”

Present at the Los Angeles premiere of Krypto and the Super AnimalsKeanu Reeves spoke about the character of Batman at the microphone ofExtra TV, and the possibility of seeing him in the role. And he said that it was a dream for him to put on the Batsuit.

I love Batman. I love this character in the comics, in the movies, so already having the opportunity to lend my voice to it in “Krypto and the Super Animals” it was awesome!

(About the role in the cinema, editor’s note) It has always been a dream. Robert Pattinson embodies it right now, and he’s amazing. So, I would say… Maybe later. Maybe when they need an older Batman.

With the sympathy and humor that characterizes him, Keanu Reeves conveys the message: he will not take the place of Robert Pattinson, but he loves the character and his door is wide open! An informed opinion: the success of The Batman should implement the plan of a Batman trilogy dear to Warner. A scheme, always desired, that for the moment only Christopher Nolan and Christian Bale have succeeded in carrying out.

Both Matt Reeves and Robert Pattinson have already signed on for such a program – although the third film will depend on the success of the second – and it can therefore be taken for granted that the role won’t be re-cast for quite some time. But in any case, an appointment is made for the future!

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Keanu Reeves as Batman? The actor in “dream” – CinéSéries