Katy Perry opens up about her sobriety pact with Orlando Bloom

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom They can boast of being one of the most consolidated relationships on the international scene and the world of celebrities. The happy couple has shared a multitude of moments together, and also experiences, and it is that they both decided to make a sobriety pact.

The singer and the actor decided to go three months without drinking a drop of alcohol, and that Perry pointed out that “I don’t drink much, but at the weekend I indulge in a whim”. With all this, he decided to sign this pact as an act of solidarity.

A pact that he spoke about precisely in an interview with the magazine ‘People‘, also telling the reason that led them to the challenge: “We did this because he is currently shooting a film in London that is taking all his attention and I wanted the opportunity to support him.. It is very difficult, whether it is a cleanse or a disconnection, unless you do it with your partner. So doing it together makes it so much easier”.

The singer admits that this break also came in handy: “It was an opportunity to disconnect” and “just let my body recover a little bit.”. “I have had a pretty good relationship with the search for balance. I love having my moments of disconnection especially being 38 years old, juggling the intensity that comes with my career and with a little girl that you cannot be still”, he added.

You’ve made a sobriety plan before

The most curious thing is that it is not the first time that Katy Perry has undergone a sobriety pact, since she already did so after divorcing Russell Brand in 2012: “You know, I tried a lot of different ways. I surrounded myself with good friends, I did this whole cleaning process where I didn’t drink any alcohol for three months and it was devastating. He had to take vitamins and supplements, walk, meditate and pray”.

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Katy Perry opens up about her sobriety pact with Orlando Bloom