Kate Winslet, stunned by reactions to her appearance in Mare of Easttown, hopes for a revolution

In Mare of Easttown, she will have scored this year 2021. But Kate Winslet does not forget the reactions to her performance, as if showing a forty-something without artifice was a risk …

It is undoubtedly one of the actress performances of the year 2021 that will have the most marked and that we will talk about for a long time: that of Kate Winslet in the mini-series. Mare of Easttown.

Occasionally an interview for The Guardian (in which the actress shifts straight into the gear while talking about her styes caused by intense stress during the filming of the series!), she is just coming back on how his character was viewed and his commitment to the role.

Women aged 40 and over, those forgotten in cinema and series

Because yes, right out of Mare of Easttown, that’s what made people talk : Kate Winslet without makeup; Kate Winslet with greasy hair, undermined like a normal mother in a residential suburb, carried on the bottle and always the vapoteuse in the beak; Kate Winslet a little naked in a sex scene – scene for which she even has to fight so that her belly is not cut during the editing …

So many signs that show the mixture of public fascination and repulsion, as soon as a woman no longer fits exactly into beauty standards and is considered as a person, not as an object which must arouse desire in order to be interesting.

Stunned by all the reactions around Mare, Kate Winslet hopes that her performance unflattering, but realistic, will bring a real change:

“People were like, ‘Has she gained weight? Doesn’t she look sloppy? Isn’t she brave to do that? ”. But why should I be brave? I imagine that’s because that’s not how the main actresses are portrayed. Maybe Mare will be a turning point, and we’re going to stop scrutinizing women onscreen so much. “

Further, the actress adds that in the film and television industry, “Middle-aged women have long been underestimated, despised and ignored.”

” It changes. Watch the actresses who won Emmy [Olivia Colman, 47 ans ; Gillian Anderson, 53 ans ; Jean Smart, 70 ans… ndlr]. Neither of us were in our twenties, and that’s cool! I feel a lot cooler as an actress at 40 years old than I ever could have imagined. “

If there was still proof that Kate Winslet is not just a great actress …

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Kate Winslet, stunned by reactions to her appearance in Mare of Easttown, hopes for a revolution