Karim Benzema and Christian Bale, covers of the month of November of GQ Spain

At first glance, it might seem that Christian bale Y Karim Benzema They have nothing in common. One actor, Hollywood star, and another soccer player, very recent Golden Ball. But if you think about it, it turns out that they do share something important: both have become the best in the world without trying, without that unhealthy ambition that leads to stepping on others along the way or falling into the most absolute self-centeredness.

The two have always been team players, men who have found their way to the top thanks to the motivation of a job well done, and not by other types of spurious inspirations. bale He has never wanted to be a star, but despite himself, due to the incorruptible ethics of the true professional, he has ended up being one. Benzema did dream of the Ballon d’Or, but not as an end in itself. Being the best in the world could only be the consequence of winning with his teammates. as it tells us Ansu Fati also in this issue, being the top scorer in the World Cup or the most valuable player without winning it is of no use.

Due to the rare dates we are on, rare for football in any case, or for the dispute of a world Cup to be more exact, the November issue is largely devoted to what will happen in Qatar over the next month. With certain reservations, because although there are things to celebrate -if you like football, this is the ultimate party-, there are also many questionable things in this exercise sport washing.

“An atypical World Cup that this year will be held in winter and in Qatar, with all the social doubts that something like this implies. And no, I have no answer, only doubts. It is celebrated but perhaps it should not be done; everybody talks about the event, although probably the correct attitude would be to keep quiet”, confesses Daniel Borras, Head of Editorial Content of GQ Spain, in its editorial.

We have resolved this conflict by offering, on the one hand, an extensive portfolio on the young stars that will shine in Qatar, with special attention to our child prodigy, Ansu Fati. And on the other a report in which We question the celebration of this type of delocalized events and in countries with questionable regimes. To stay with something good too, we tell you that one of the venues houses a removable and sustainable stadium, therefore designed by a Spanish architecture studio.

As not everything will be football this November, we interviewed Daniel Radcliffe on the occasion of his incarnation of Weird Al —perhaps less known in Spain, but one of the totems of unserious music in the US— in the film Weird.

Richard Armitage also has a movie, whom you probably know from his role as Thorin in the trilogy of The Hobbit, and that this month opens drum skin, by Colombian director Sergio Dow. For his part, the actor benedict cumberbatch tells us about his passion for watchmaking and gives us some lessons about time and its relationship with it.

In the music field, we spoke with Romeo Santosthe number one bachata player in the world, who arrives with a new album from his arm and a great desire to re-green laurels —although the reunification of Aventura, his legendary group, will still have to wait—.

And in the culinary field, a living legend appears on our pages: Alain Ducasse.

All of this, together with the best perfumes, fashion, motor vehicles or gadgets, make up a GQ number that, as the legendary El Cordobés would say, has come out “of sport”.

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Karim Benzema and Christian Bale, covers of the month of November of GQ Spain