Justin Lin discussed Fast Saga’s final arc with Paul Walker ten years ago

Quick saga Where The fast and the furious The franchise is coming to an end after more than two decades with a tenth two-part installment that will feature the majority of the cast from the previous films together. The final films, in consecutive filming, will begin production this year with a story that will help culminate several character arcs and plot points addressed in the later films of the franchise. Although it takes a while before we see director Justin Lin shaping his vision for the finale of Quick saga, he himself had had the idea of ​​ending the series for a long time, which he also discussed with the late actor Paul Walker in 2008.

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Justin Lin first performed The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift, and later also directed the following three films, all of which ultimately turned out to be a prequel trilogy to Tokyo drift. He then resigned to furious 7 with James Wan replacing him, while F. Gary Gray took over as director for The fate of the furious. Lin only came back live F9 (2021), which would shape the plot of the last part of the series.

Although it seems Lin has come a long way with the franchise; however, he’s actually been thinking of the end of the enduring history arc for over a decade. Talking to Initiated, Lin revealed how he previously discussed the end of Quick saga with the late actor Paul Walker in 2008, during the production of Fast Furious.

[Even] with Paul, in 2008 we started, I think it was during dinner, I think it was during dinner in Mexico, he was like, “Well, what would be the final movie? And, we were talking.

Lin also pitched the idea for a short film that would have starred Walker’s Brian O’Connor, which Lin conceived as a comedic short.

At one point we were going to do a short film and it was going to be a comedy; Fast 68 ′ and it was going to be Brian O’Connor with the walker. It was all this joke. We had it all.

Additionally, Lin recalled the idea of ​​ending the franchise and Walker’s lifelong importance to the franchise when he began to give this ever-evolving series a climax. . Lin said he now wants to do justice to Walker’s legacy and contribution to Fast and Furious.

Now sitting here talking to you, I think when Vin finally… said, ‘Let’s do it’, I felt like, ‘Wow.’; And, when we first started, Paul was a big part of this conversation so I really wanted to do that justice.

Because Tokyo driftLin has successfully revitalized the franchise, from an expanded street racing film series to a mix of genres, which has since introduced elements of sci-fi, while becoming more complex and surreal with stunts and a ladder. of production. And Paul Walker was able to witness this transition to a large extent with his own eyes. Walker and Diesel have long been co-managers of the franchise, until furious 7, in which Walker died in a car crash in 2013. The actor’s character, Brian, was ultimately taken out instead of recast and has since maintained a presence in the conversations and in the legacy of the story. Now that the film franchise is about to end.

The last and tenth installment of Fast Saga, still untitled will be released in a two-part feature currently slated for 2023 and 2024 respectively.

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Justin Lin discussed Fast Saga’s final arc with Paul Walker ten years ago