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Both Jennifer Lopez and Jennifer Aniston are two of the stars that continue to impress with their age and beauty. Photo: Reuters/AFP

When you are young you can feel sexy, but over time this idea can fade; however, a survey highlighted that 53 year olds They say they feel safe with their body and image, and they transmit that.

Just at that age is Jennifer Anistonone of the actresses who raises sighs for her beauty, as well as Jennifer Lopez who will turn 53 next month, confirming that he is one of the most admired stars worldwide for his impressive physique.

Survey reveals that at 53 years old people feel sexier

According to a survey conducted by the senior dating service 50 years, OurTimein the United Kingdomit was found that, far from sexiness diminishing over time, more than half of those over 50 (53%) say they feel more “playful”, while 41% said it was the age when they felt more comfortable with themselves.

In the meantime, four out of 10 respondents they stated that 53 was a sweet spot because they had stopped worrying about how they met a potential partner and still felt confident about their appearance. Additionally, almost a fifth (18%) said dating at that age was “racier and more exciting” than at any other time.

Given this, Rachel Peru, from OurTimementioned that the results of the survey do away with the stereotypes that people are more sexy between 20 and 30 years old and this can be seen reflected in various stars of the show, such as Jennifer Lopez either Anniston.

“As the survey suggests, you gain more confidence as you get older and understand what you want and what you don’t want from a relationship,” Peru told the British newspaper. DailyMail.

According to the survey of OurTime, respondents say stereotypes simply don’t match reality. Half of those surveyed are insulted when they hear that people over 50 are boring and docile, while 35% strongly reject the idea that people “get carried away” when they reach middle age.

53-year-old celebrities like Lopez and AnistonThey share their exercise routines and they are not the only celebrities who feel full.

53 actresses and actors who steal sighs

to the cases of Jennifer Lopez Y Aniston They add that of other celebrities such as:

The actress is enjoying a new romance and seems happier than ever. The American remains one of the most powerful women in Hollywood and she is headlining the miniseries “The Thing About Pam”, her first project since she won an Oscar for Best Actress for “Judy”.

These actresses are joined by the singer Mariah Careyand the interpreters Cate Blanchett Y naomi wattswho also enjoy their fifties.

Although women steal sighs on the big screen or on red carpets, men of 53 They are also on the radar of the industry, who stand out for their gallantry and bearing, such is the case of the actor Paul Ruddwho last year was named the “sexiest man alive” for the magazine People.

Also, stands out in this area is the eternal WolverineHugh Jackmanwho always captivates his audience with his talent and demeanor.

Y Will Smithwho was surrounded by controversy involving his wife and comedian Chris Rok at the last Oscars, where he won his first statuette.

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just ask JLo and Jennifer Aniston