“Jupiter: The Fate of the Universe”: Mila Kunis knew that the film would make an oven

After Channing Tatum, who called the experience “nightmarish”, it’s Mila Kunis’ turn to confide in “Jupiter: The Destiny of the Universe”. Even before filming began, the actress understood that the project would not live up to the ambitions of the Wachowskis, and that it would crash at the box office.

american girl : the return of Mila Kunis

If she continued to lend her voice for the series The Griffins and Stoner Cats, Mila Kunis has been quite rare in feature films in recent years. The actress is back in the drama american girl, available on Netflix since October 7, 2022. In this film by Mike Barker, the actress plays Ani Fanelli, a New York journalist who strives to show that she leads a perfect life. But behind appearances, the traumas of the past haunt her and resurface when a director asks her to testify about the killings she witnessed in her high school.

american girl ©Netflix

A project inspired by the experience of writer and screenwriter Jessica Knoll, on which Mila Kunis also officiates as a producer. Passing through the podcast Happy Sad Confused for the promotion of the film, the actress returned to some of her emblematic projects, from the series That ’70s Show at black swanpassing through the unloved Jupiter: Fate of the Universe of the Wachowskis, who had known a box office failure when released in 2015raking in just $183.8 million in worldwide revenue, of which just $47.3 million was in North America.

The confessions about Jupiter: Fate of the Universe

During the show, the actress confided that the budget for the project, estimated at more than 150 million dollars on arrival, was “halved”. When announcing this decision, Mila Kunis understood that the blockbuster would not live up to the ambitions of the filmmakers, and that the production would be very complicated. She added:

The initial budget was twice as high. You can do a lot more with a lot more money. Often these types of projects have a very good script, but also other extraordinary things. Right before pre-production, for a whole host of reasons related to studios and other things, the budget was cut. The film was therefore different. I wish Channing was here because we have some good stories on the subject.

Last February, in a portrait by varietyChanning Tatum evoked on his side a painful experiencedescribing the production of Jupiter: Fate of the Universe as “a nightmare from the start”:

It was a film where everything went wrong. We were all there for seven months, killing ourselves at work. It was hard.

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“Jupiter: The Fate of the Universe”: Mila Kunis knew that the film would make an oven