Juliette Binoche: she has never been married and suffered three sexual assaults

The 70th San Sebastian Film Festival begins on September 16, where the French actress Juliette Binoche will receive the Donostia award and his latest film will be premiered, Fire. The poster announcing the contest bears her image, photographed behind bars. A very important actress, whom she remembers among her forty film titles The English Patient, from 1996, where she played the nurse who attended the leading actor, Ralph Fiennes, in a hospital, a role that helped Juliette win the acting Oscar and another as the best actress at the Berlinale. She has preferred to remain single. About her sentimental past, she told herself that suffered three sexual assaults: at age seven, eighteen and twenty-one.

He descends from a family of artists, his father a mime and his mother an actress. She began acting before the cameras in 1983. Jean-Louis Godard directed her at the time in the scandalous film I salute you, Maria. His filmography is very interesting, because he has not limited himself to shooting only with French directors, which has allowed him to reach an international dimension. Chocolate Y The Unbearable Lightness of Being they are among several tapes of his beginnings. And another one of success in different countries: Three colors: Blue, for which he received a César Award. Our Isabel Coixet had her under her orders in Nobody wants the night where she was the wife of the first explorer of the North Pole, which was exhibited in Valladolid in an edition of the Seminci, where she received an award. She has also come to Spain on other occasions, three to San Sebastián. She allowed herself to turn down the role offered to her by Steven Spielberg in jurassic-parkbecause he was more interested in another job.

Juliette Binoche She has a great personality, a strong character, which does not prevent her from being very feminine when the occasion requires it, sweet and very sensitive. She the same she has stood out in characters of heroines, that in dramas, or action movies and in comedies. Hollywood never dazzled him. He was never interested in accepting commercial film roles a priorii, nor is it money that motivates every time you are placed in front of a camera. He has his preferences in terms of themes or directors. For example, at the last Cannes Festival she asked Pedro Almodóvar to call her for one of his films. She is still waiting for an answer.

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She has also been a dancer, writes poetry, publishes various articles and texts and even sings and even went on a musical tour of China. In contrast she demonstrated her bravery and skill in piloting helicopters, with thirty hours on her flight log.

Then there is the chapter of her private life, about which she is usually very discreet in interviews. The first known man with whom she lived was the film director Leox Caraxbetween the years 1986 and 1991. The French heartthrob of Spanish origin Oliver Martinez he was at his side during 1994 and 1998. The third man, as if we remembered Orson Welles, turned out to be another actor, Benoit Magimelwith whom he had a girl, Hana, a couple that lasted another four years starting in 1999. The same average with the last love of his life, an Argentine actor and director, Santiago Aminorena. And in between, also an affair with Andre Halle, which made her the mother of a child, Raphaël. And it has already been said that with none of them she wanted to seal any union with official papers. She lives very happy with her two children and comments: “In my house I am a cook, a mother, a secretary and a cleaning lady.”

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Juliette Binoche: she has never been married and suffered three sexual assaults