Julianne Moore: this unbearable comment that the actress has not forgotten

Julianne Moore this unbearable comment that the actress has not

During a recent interview, actress Julianne Moore returned to an unbearable comment that she received during her career, and that she has never forgotten…

Julianne Moore: a deserved place

Julianne Moore62 years old, began his fine career by making his mark on the boards. From the 1980s, it was the turn of the small screen to open its arms to him. After winning an Emmy for show As the world turns, the actress is offered more and more roles in the cinema. The shootings are linked. Cherry on the cake, Steven Spielberg even offers him a role in Jurassic Park: The Lost WorldAnd this, without prior hearing !

Kingsman: The Golden Circle
Kingsman: The Golden Circle ©20th Century Studios

The American actress shines brilliantly in all the genres offered to her, but it’s really after her performance in Boogie Nights which earned her an Oscar nomination for Best Actress. -, that the most famous filmmakers dream of working with her. Of Crazy, Stupid, Love at Kingsman: The Golden Circle Passing by The Hours and Still Alice, Julianne Moore proves she can play it all and is one of the most talented actresses of her generation. However, that didn’t stop her from having a hard time – and she remembers one of them like it was yesterday.

Unwise advice

During an interview given to our colleagues from Times, Julianne Moore recalls a comment that has been done to him during his career. Thereby, she was asked “to try to be prettier”. If the actress did not wish to disclose the identity of the person at the origin of the remark, she nevertheless specifies that it was a question of a prominent figure in the film industry. A statement to which she simply replied with “I don’t know if I can”…

Don Jon
Don Jon ©Mars Distribution

Julianne Moore also admits having, in the past, suffered from her physique. The actress, who claims to look like two drops of water to her mother, remembers very well the most precious advice of the latter : “avoid the sun”. Her very fair skin, moreover dotted with freckles, reacts according to her from a few tens of minutes. A problem that forces her to expose herself as little as possible, and never without protection. As a child, she remembers having lamented her freckles, which made her feel marginal among the other children. At the time, she dreamed of being blonde and tanned! Fortunately, the star claims to now feel good about herself.

More of Moore?

The actress will soon be appearing in a good number of works to be published.. We will find her at the head of the poster of the first film directed by Jesse Eisenberg, When You Finish Saving the Worldnext to Finn Wolfhard (Stranger Things). The Thriller Stone Matress will oppose it to Sandra Oh (Killing Eve), while the drama May-December will place her at the heart of a love triangle completed by Natalie Portman and Charles Melton.

On the side of the small screen, the actress with flamboyant hair will appear in a series of David O.Russell with Robert DeNiroand will play the Countess of Buckingham in the show vintage Mary & George. A beautiful program in perspective!

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Julianne Moore: this unbearable comment that the actress has not forgotten