Joker 2: who will play Joaquin Phoenix?

The sequel to Joker has been made official, but which character will take part in Arthur Fleck’s Madness for Two.

This is arguably the best news of the week for movie buffs and DC Comics fans. Three years after the success of Joker, Todd Phlipps will take over the camera to bring the continuation of Arthur Fleck’s adventures to the big screen. After winning the Oscars for best actor for Joaquin Phoenix and for best soundtrack, the idea of ​​a sequel is obviously not surprising. It remains to be hoped that the intensity of the first feature film will be found in the second.

Baptized Folie à deux, the new film Joker should honor the character of Arthur Fleck, played on screen by the brilliant Joaquin Phoenix. No information has yet leaked about the synopsis, but the mere mention of the title is already a major clue: in psychiatry, madness for two means the adoption of the delirium of a psychotic individual by a member of his entourage. So the evil prince of Gotham should find a sidekick sensitive to his vision of the worldnothing surprising given the conclusion of the first film.

Harley Quinn or Batman?

If the second opus of Joker will undoubtedly establish itself as an independent film, it is likely that Todd Philipps will decide to place his plot after the events of the first film. Arthur Fleck killed Murray Franklin live on TV and caused a real civil war in Gotham, so it’s possible the character could end up behind bars. An ellipse could thus present the clown a few years later, when he is incarcerated in Arkham and crosses paths with the Dr Harleen Quinzel.

The idea of ​​a sequel featuring the iconic duo of the Joker and Harley Quinn is obviously appealing. The villainous couple have rarely been brought to the screen, and the episode Suicide Squad does not look like a success. In front of the camera of Todd Phlipps, the two criminals could become a new reference in pop culture. There is little chance, however, that the director will call on Margot Robbie, the latter having so far chosen to offer stand alone decorrelated from a possible DCEU.

Similarly, some theories considered the possibility of the Dark Knight appearing. The idea would have required a major ellipse, the character of Bruce Wayne being still a child in the first part. The plot could be rooted in the younger years of Batman, as the superhero in the making faces off against his new nemesis. Once again, there is little chance that Robert Pattinson will take on the role of the bat, the continuation of the saga The Batman of Matt Reeves being already recorded for the actor.

Apart from these two obvious characters, we can also hope that joker 2 will be an opportunity to bet on a less intimate film, introducing some other cult characters from Gotham. Discover on the big screen Edward Nygma, already on the poster of the excellent podcast Batman Autopsyor the organization of the Court of Owls already sounds like a promising prospect.

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Joker 2: who will play Joaquin Phoenix?