Johnny Depp/Amber Heard trial: Amy Schumer, Naomi Campbell, Donald Trump Jr… Discover the reactions of celebrities after the verdict

Celebrities have also closely followed the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard libel trial, and they, like millions of anonymous people, shared their feelings on social networks when the verdict was announced.

It didn’t just make people happy. Johnny Depp emerged victorious in his defamation lawsuit on Wednesday against his ex-wife Amber Heard, who after six weeks of a trial that exposed their toxic relationship, was ordered to pay him $ 10 million . “Team Depp” or “Team Heard”, the anonymous people, many of whom followed the hearings live on television, all fell into one camp and shared their opinion on the matter in large numbers, some celebrities also in did the same.

Comedians Chris Rock, Joe Rogan and Bill Burr had already gone out of their way to publicly defend Depp, calling Heard “crazy” and a liar. Others took to social media to express their joy at the announcement of the verdict clearly in favor of the actor, even though he too was ordered to pay two million dollars to his ex-wife.

If the match which was played online throughout the trial was won hands down by Johnny Depp – who as a successful actor was able to count on a solid fan base – relatively few high profile personalities – the doubt he inhabited them? – clearly dared to stand by his side.

Donald Trump Jr. did not hide his joy at the announcement of the verdict: “Believe all women … except Amber Heard (taking up the little phrase from Chris Rock who once took a slap for less than that, noted an Internet user, editor’s note). $15,000,000 in compensatory and punitive damages to Depp, and perhaps an effective case to end the notion of rabid feminism [sic] that all men are guilty before being exonerated that we have seen recently,” added the son of the former American president.

‘Pretty Little Liars’ star Ashley Benson celebrated the verdict by posting a photo of Depp and simply captioning it, ‘YESSSSS’ with heart emojis.

Musician Ryan Adams, who was accused by many women of physical and emotional abuse in 2019, reacted to Depp’s statement with heart, hands up and flames and prayers emojis.

Former model Naomi Campbell also commented on the actor’s statement posted on Instagram, with a series of heart emojis.

The actress Laurie Holden of the series “The Boys” believes that “justice has been well served”.

Sharon Osbourne appeared surprised by the jury’s decision, noting during an interview for Piers Morgan’s TalkTV show, “Wow, that wasn’t what I expected. I mean, I wanted Johnny to win but I didn’t expect him to.”

The controversial host believes for his part that it is difficult to imagine worse humiliation for Amber Heard.

So as not to alienate either of the two actors, Jason Momoa, who shares the poster for Aquaman with Amber Heard, has meanwhile decided to like both the press release from Johnny Depp and Amber Heard.

Amber Heard’s supports, more subtle

Like the jury, would few people have been convinced by the version of the facts of the actress, or is it not good to publicly oppose Johnny Depp? The particularly virulent smear campaign that strikes Amber Heard has in any case taken precedence over the supporters of his camp. And it is an undeniably smaller number of personalities who dared to speak out in his favour. Dolph Lundgren, or the actor Krumholtz, with whom she had played in “The Playboy Club”, however said all the good things they thought of her. “Drugs and alcohol turn men into monsters (…) I believe Amber Heard,” Krumholtz wrote.

Alyssa Milano, a pioneer of #MeToo, had meanwhile posted a message that considers the lawsuit between Depp and Heard to be the worst defamation the movement has ever had to suffer.

Amy Schumer in all likelihood subtly alluded to standing solidly on Amber Heard’s side, posting on Instagram after the verdict was read a powerful message of solidarity from Gloria Steinem which reads, “Any woman who chooses to behaving like a full human being must be warned that the armies of the status quo will treat her like some kind of dirty joke… She will need her sisterhood”.

The sorority is less noisy than the fans of Johnny Depp but it is there … The same message was posted a few hours later in story by Julia Fox, the ex-girlfriend of Kanye West, who had already expressed its support for the actress.

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Johnny Depp/Amber Heard trial: Amy Schumer, Naomi Campbell, Donald Trump Jr… Discover the reactions of celebrities after the verdict