John Travolta congratulated his son Ben on Instagram on his birthday: he is already 11 years old

John Travolta had three children with Kelly Preston: Jeff, who died at 16 in 2009, Ella Bleu and Ben, born a year after Jeff’s passing.

She turned 21 in April 2021 and has her own Instagram account to share her life with; however, Travolta has kept his youngest son out of the media spotlight with sporadic photographs.

On Thursday, November 24, the protagonist of ‘Vaselina’ posted a new photo on Instagram with his two children to wish Ben happy birthday.

“Happy birthday to my beautiful son. Your dad adores you, ”John Travolta wrote in the post.

Also pictured is Ella Travolta, who wished her brother happy birthday in John’s post and also shared a picture of Ben inside a plane with his dog on her account to congratulate him.

“Happy birthday, Benjamin. The sweetest boy I know. You keep teaching me a lot and giving light to our life. I love you”.

The conversation John Travolta had with his son about death

Benjamin is the youngest son of John Travolta and Kelly Preston, who passed away in July 2020 at age 57 after battling breast cancer. Ben was not yet 10 when his mother died; however, John Travolta shared on Kevin Hart’s ‘Hart to Heart’ the conversation he had with him after Preston’s death.

According to the anecdote, the actor was walking through the neighborhood with his son when Ben confessed that he was afraid of losing him after experiencing his mother’s departure.

“He told me: ‘Because of my mother’s death, I’m afraid you’re going to leave.’ I said, ‘Well, it’s a different thing.’ And I explained the differences between longevity and his limited life. And I said, ‘But you know, Ben…? You always love the truth and I am going to tell you the truth about life. Nobody knows when you are going to leave or for how long you are going to stay. Your brother left at 16, very young. Your mother left at 57, that was very young. Who knows? I could die tomorrow, you could, anyone could. So you have to see it as part of life. You don’t know exactly, you’re just trying to do your best to live as long as you can, ‘”John Travolta said in the interview.

Ben Travolta is still not using social media or following in his father’s artistic footsteps in acting. The opposite is the case with her sister, as Ella debuted in 2009 in the movie ‘Old Dogs’ and will soon appear in ‘Get Lost’, a new adaptation of ‘Alice in Wonderland’.

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John Travolta congratulated his son Ben on Instagram on his birthday: he is already 11 years old