John Krasinski to be Superman in DC project

John Krasinski is very popular thanks to entries in the Hollywood industry such as the hit comic book series Office or the horror movie A quiet place. His name features in many fancasts for superhero projects. Especially when we talk about a recognized family of wonder: Fantastic Four. Within that group of characters, audiences would like to see him play Reed Richards. The actor is content to be Superman in a project of CC!

What movie are we talking about? This is the animated film DC League of Super Pets. The story follows Superman and Batman’s pets trying to save the world from a threat worthy of Justice League action. Dwayne Johnson acts like Krypto, the Man of Steel’s pet, while Kevin Hart lends his voice to Ace, the bat dog.

John Krasinski will be the man of steel

John Krasinski He joked on his social media and said he always wanted to be on a project of this nature with The Rock. He also added that these roles, Krypto and Superman, were what they were meant to be in the world of superheroes. We don’t know if Dwayne Johnson agree with Jean. After all the “The hierarchy of power is about to change in DC” with him Black adam of the veteran.

Some of the cute characters that will appear in the DC animated film: Streaky the Supercat and Jumpa the Wonder-Kangaroo. Although there is still no official confirmation of these appearances in the film that will reunite the most powerful pets in this universe. Will Krypto, Ace, and their companions be able to save the world the same way their human friends do? Mystery!

The film’s cast is directed by Dwayne Johnson, John Krasinski, Kevin Hart, Keanu Reeves, Marc Maron, Kate McKinnon, Vanessa Bayer, Natasha Lyonne, Diego Luna et Jameela Jamil. A large group of talents who will surely make this experience a pleasant journey through CC. The film will hit theaters on May 22, 2022.

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John Krasinski to be Superman in DC project