June 9, 2021

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John Krasinski: that moment that almost destroyed his marriage to Emily Blunt

1622603922 John Krasinski that moment that almost destroyed his marriage to

While on the show “The Shop: Uninterrupted”, Jay-Z revealed that his mother initially did not want him to talk about his coming out in his track “Smile”. The rapper did admit that his mom was reluctant to have her private life mentioned in the music of her famous son, however she eventually changed her mind and even wrote a poem to contribute to this project.

“It changed the dynamic of our relationship” admitted the artist. “When she first heard that song she didn’t agree at all … I was in Los Angeles and she joined me, then she walked away and said ‘No’ . We talked about it again. And then when she got back to Los Angeles, she had written a poem. She wrote it on the plane. She came with the notepad from American Airlines … I was there. there: ” You write well, mom! “”

In conversation with LeBron James and Bad Bunny, Jay-Z also touched on his new album “4:44”, admitting that he was still unable to listen to it in full.

“It’s difficult, but it had to be done,” he said. “It’s about all the hardships I’ve been through … It was important to write, to be vulnerable .. There are so many super gangsta rappers who said to me: ‘Thank you for doing that! ” They took me aside and said: “You saved my couple.”

After his mother came out a few years ago, Jay-Z admitted to tears of joy upon hearing the news.

During his appearance on David Letterman’s Netflix show ‘My Next Guest Needs No Introduction’, the rapper said, “Imagine living your life as someone else because you think you are. protect your kids … she didn’t want to shame her kids the whole time. And for her, to sit across from me, and say ‘I think I love somebody …’ I ‘ I really cried. It’s a true story. I cried because I was happy for her, that she was free. It happened eight months ago when the album was in production. Her told me. I recorded the song the next day. “

John Krasinski that moment that almost destroyed his marriage to