Jodie Comer says Ben Affleck was shocked when he heard his real accent

Comer rose to prominence after his dazzling portrayal of assassin Villanelle in Killing Eve, in which she effortlessly switches between all manner of accents, including Russian, French and Scottish.

The 28-year-old was so convincing that viewers had no idea where she actually came from, the discovery that she was from Liverpool came as a huge surprise to many.

Now none other than Ben Affleck has become the last person to be shocked by this realization.

Affleck didn’t quite hear Comer’s real voice until the end of the filming of The Last Duel.

The pair star alongside Matt Damon and Adam Driver in Ridley Scott’s upcoming historical drama, The last duel, which is inspired by the true story of the last legally sanctioned duel in the history of France.

Comer plays Marguerite de Carrouges – the wife of the knight Jean de Carrouges (Damon) – and clearly, she did not adopt her Scouse accent for the role; in fact, Affleck didn’t hear it correctly until the film’s premiere at the Venice Film Festival.

Speaking to, Comer said: “It’s funny because we were in Venice last week, and I think it was the first time Ben had heard me speak solidly in my own voice.

“And he said to me, ‘Whoa, wait a minute ?!’

“So that was funny, but I think people generally know I’m from Liverpool now… I think?” “

The last duel is based on Marguerite’s claim that she was raped by Jacques Le Gris (driver), a former friend of Jean.

The film is told in three parts illustrating the respective versions of the events of Marguerite, Jean and Jacques, culminating in a fight to the death to determine their fate.

Comer said it was a “dream come true” to work with four-time Oscar-nominated director Scott, who was determined to work with Comer after admiring his performance in Kill Eve.

Speaking to, Scott, 83, said: “I saw a lot of Jodie because I was one of the biggest fans of the show. Kill Eve through three series.

“As it evolved, when I got to Russia, I was blown away by the Russian stuff. And so I just wanted to work with her, I wanted to find the opportunity to work with her.

“So when Matt [Damon] I said, “I have this thing about the last duel, we have to find a victim who is a woman at the center of the story”, I said, “So the first person I would call would be Jodie. “”

The last duel releases on Friday (October 15).

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