Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker already has an AMAZING full-scale bust

Sideshow and Infinity Studios present their spectacular bust of the Joker of Joaquin Phoenix that will make you feel the presence of Arthur Fleck at all times.

At the end of 2019, an independent film by DC hit theaters around the world with the intention of offering a unique and fresh perspective on what is undoubtedly the most iconic villain of Batman: the Joker. Joaquin phoenix assumed the mantle of dc villain while Todd Phillips he took the director’s chair. The film was a huge box office smash, with Phoenix playing such a devastating role that it earned him the Oscar for Best Actor.

Of course, the film brought with it a good string of controversy in the form of criticism for the way in which the film represented mental problems and the way in which they reacted to them, which caused it to be severely criticized by some sectors of the population.

But not all the controversies in the world could prevent Joker from sweeping the box office. The dc movie it raised more than a billion dollars worldwide, representing a phenomenon and a shock for DC in the movies.

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Now, Sideshow and Infinity Studios They will make us remember the Joker movie with the life-size bust of Joaquin Phoenix’s character. The level of detail of the sculpture is amazing, it almost seems that it will spare your life (or not). Of course not everything is good, the size and the enormous work that this bust entails makes it a limited edition of 350 units, what will it cost $ 3,799 each.

In addition, each reservation made before June 2 will receive a resin Joker mask. If, like many of us, you can’t afford it, at least let’s settle for the images.