Joaquin Phoenix: the length of his next film will blow your mind

By Art Vandelay

Joaquin Phoenix hasn’t had a minute to himself lately. After promoting Beau is Afraid by Ari Aster (Midsommar) last April, the 48-year-old actor returned to the set to complete the filming of the sequel to Joker alongside his new “partner in crime”, Lady Gaga. Ridley Scott also offered him a solid gold role in his next film, a colossal biopic devoted to Napoleon, promised for a November release on Apple TV+. Needless to say which character the actor will interpret here…

Joaquin “Bonaparte” Phoenix in the skin of the most famous of Corsicans? Why not ! The feature film currently in post-production will illustrate the rise swift and ruthless to emperorship” of Napoleon through “the prism of his explosive and addictive relationship with his wife and his great love Josephine (Vanessa Kirby)”, indicates the French site of Apple. A project as ambitious as its length. Because Napoleon will span a total of 157 minutes and 43 seconds, or 2:37, according to the official website of South Korea’s rating committee. It is therefore impossible to fill up on popcorn during the session!

This other very ambitious project by Joaquin Phoenix

James Gray, Oliver Stone, M. Night Shamalan, Paul Thomas Anderson… Joaquin Phoenix navigates with rare ease in the cinematographic universes of the most talented Hollywood directors. After his reunion with Ridley Scott, it is rumored that the actor could recross the path of a filmmaker who offered him one of the most beautiful roles of his career. A rumor would indeed that he passes again in front of the camera of Spike Jonze with whom he had worked on Her ten years ago. This last “develop slowly” a limited series but « sumptuous […] set in the science fiction genre. The show would even be “on track to become one of the most expensive shows in Netflix history“, according to a specialized site. We will follow this closely!

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Joaquin Phoenix: the length of his next film will blow your mind