Joaquin Phoenix asks Biden for a better future for pardoned Thanksgiving turkeys

HOLIDAYS – It’s a well-known American tradition. For decades, American presidents have “pardoned” a turkey every year so that it does not end up on the plate of Americans.

Custom has it that the sitting president spares a turkey – a staple of the Thanksgiving meal – before Americans gather as families to celebrate Thanksgiving. We have thus seen President Obama, or President Trump, perpetuate this gesture.

But this tradition does not satisfy everyone. In a petition launched by Farm Sanctuary, an American organization for the protection of animals, and signed by several celebrities including Billie Eilish, Rooney Mara, Margaret Cho and Joaquin Phoenix, President Biden is asked to send this year’s turkey to an animal refuge .

“We have asked the former presidents to release the pardoned turkeys in one of [nos] shrines without success, so this year we hope that having so many high profile celebrities also applying will help bring attention to the issue and make it happen, ”the door said. -Farm Sanctuary’s words, Meredith Turner-Smith, to our colleagues at HuffPost American.

A tradition with uncertain origins

The organization says it is able to provide a better home for these animals than the zoos or university science departments where they are usually sent and where it assures us, they are “probably not taken care of. as individuals with unique personalities, emotions, needs and preferences ”.

The origin of the tradition is uncertain: if some assert that John F. Kennedy was the first president to be magnanimous when a bird was presented to him at the White House in November 1963 (the ceremony took place three days before his assassination ), it is only since George Bush Sr., in 1989, that presidents have become accustomed to exercising their “right of pardon” on a turkey.

A quintessential family holiday, Thanksgiving is celebrated every year on the last Thursday of November in the United States. It finds its roots in the first years of colonization at the beginning of the 17th century, when the Europeans settled recently had, according to tradition, thank God for the abundance of the harvests and the help given by the Amerindians.

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Joaquin Phoenix asks Biden for a better future for pardoned Thanksgiving turkeys