Joakim Noah: His wife broken by the loss of a loved one, Yannick Noah touched…

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Very sad news for Lais Ribeiro, who has just lost a member of her family, as she indicated on June 30. Joakim Noah’s wife leaned on Instagram for a long time, before receiving the support of her lover.

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Joakim Noah: His wife broken by the loss of a loved one, Yannick Noah touched… Dailymotion

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These are the kind of messages we wish we never had to read, but unfortunately Lais Ribeiro is in mourning. The wife of Joakim Noah, with whom he married in a sumptuous ceremony in Brazil last summer, has just learned of the death of a loved one. On her Instagram account, the sublime 32-year-old model shared the painful news with her community. The young woman lost her grandfather, who died a few hours ago.

This Friday, June 30, Lais Ribeiro published a poignant message in which she evokes the death of the one she loved so much. “The last 48 hours have been difficult. I had never lost someone so close”she says in the preamble of a very long message, which accompanies a series of photos of her with her grandfather, whom she accompanied until the end. “I’m stuck trying to write but I can’t, chest tight, breathing hard. I want to remember you as you’ve always been, strong, determined, joyful. That’s the image I’m left with on your mind”continues the Brazilian model, who has great difficulty in containing his emotion in writing.

Yannick Noah’s daughter-in-law then remembers the many memories she shared during her life with her grandfather. “I will never forget your teachings, your unshakeable faith, your joie de vivre and your adventurous side which I proudly inherited”says Lais Ribeiro, before concluding: “Rest in peace, you are gone and there remains nostalgia and the best memories I have ever had, because at the end of the day, what matters are our experiences and our memories. I love you grandpa. “

Joakim and Yannick support Lais Ribeiro

A very nice message from the young woman, quickly confirmed by her husband in the comments. “I love you. My condolences to the Pereira family”, he writes soberly. Yannick Noah for his part sent him a series of emojis, including a red heart, a four-leaf clover to bring him luck and hands praying for his late grandfather.

A beautiful tribute from the Noah clan, which shows all the love they have for Lais Ribeiro.

The sequel after the ad

The sequel after the ad

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Joakim Noah: His wife broken by the loss of a loved one, Yannick Noah touched…