June 30, 2021

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JLO would be willing to marry Ben Affleck, but this is the condition

JLO would be willing to marry Ben Affleck but this

Since it was known that Ben Affleck y Jennifer Lopez made a “romantic remember” something concrete, which have become one of the most important couples and requested by the portals of entertainment.

What’s more, now there have been strong rumors that the singer would gladly accept a marriage proposal. Yes indeed, only if a condition is met which brings to mind one of his songs released a few years ago.

What has to happen for Ben Affleck and JLO to get married?

According to the show medium Hollywood Life, the 51-year-old artist would go up to the altar as long as the actor who gave life to Batman proposed it. Yes, that is your condition.

This was made known through an anonymous source that is close to the lovebirds of the gringo show business. According to comments, Jennifer Lopez was preparing “for a long time” her wedding with Alex Rodríguez, her ex-partner.

In that framework, she has always had marriage in mind, soand “she would say yes a thousand percent if Ben Affleck asked her”, as indicated by the interviewee.

“Everyone in Jen and Ben’s world would be very happy if they decided to get engaged and married. All of that will happen naturally, just like your relationship today. It’s safe to say that feelings of commitment are in the air and it will happen when it happens ”he continued.

“Their relationship is wonderful right now, so they are making the best of it and not allowing any unnecessary drama to leak out. They are busy, they are having fun and when an engagement happens, it will be the right time and a happy time for everyone. “, emphasized the fencing to the pololitos ending with that “She feels that the future they have is forever and she wants to protect that.”

And the ring for when?

Lopez’s wish for Ben Affleck to be the one to take the lead in a possible marriage reminds us “The ring”, one of the songs that he released in 2018 and that speaks precisely of a pressure for his partner to be the one who proposes to marry.

Due to its lyrical content, the subject was not without controversy. Is more, even was branded as one of the most macho songs of that year by various media.