Jim Carrey Movies You Can Enjoy On Netflix After Watching ‘Sonic 2’

After Jim Carrey spoke about his possible retirement and appearing in the movie ‘Sonic the Hedgehog 2’ (2022) as the villain Doctor Eggman, we remember the comedy movies that made the actor famous and that are available on Netflix:

‘Fun with Dick & Jane’ (2005)

Carrey plays a businessman who is promoted as a representative of the Globodyne company, only to have the blame for the firm’s bankruptcy fall on him. After many attempts and not finding a job, a desperate Dick Harper and his wife choose the path of crime to survive, although their robberies are full of adventures and humorous situations.

The actors who participate in this film are Gloria Garayua, Aaron Michael Drozin, Richard Burgi, Angie Harmon, Téa Leoni, Carlos Jacott, Alec Baldwin, John Michael Higgins and Richard Jenkins.

Stanley Ipkiss is a man, shy and submissive bank worker with a taste for cartoons, but everything always goes wrong or people abuse him. Everything changes when he finds a mysterious mask that, when put on it, gives him a personality that increases all of his repressed desires and grants him rare powers.

The film’s cast includes Orestes Matacena, Richard Jeni, Nancy Fish, Johnny Williams, Tim Bagley, Peter Riegert, Peter Greene, Amy Yasbeck and Cameron Diaz.

Carl Allen is a boring man who works for an insurance company. One day he enters a self-help program where he must say yes to everything for a year and, believing that he is cursed, he keeps his word and accepts no matter what they ask of him.

The cast of the film is made up of Rhys Darby, Sasha Alexander, Danny Masterson, Fionnula Flanagan, Zooey Deschanel, John Michael Higgins, Terence Stamp, Molly Sims and Bradley Cooper.

Jim Carrey plays the unscrupulous lawyer Fletcher Reede. After lying all his life to get what he wants, he disappoints his son by not showing up to his birthday party and the little boy blows out the candles hoping that his father can’t lie for everything. one day. His wish comes true and Reed suffers and learns a lesson that promises and truth are very important.

The cast of the film, in addition to Carrey, is completed by Amanda Donohoe, Justin Cooper, Jason Bernard, Swoosie Kurtz, Maura Tierney, Anne Haney, Mitchell Ryan, Cary Elwes and Jennifer Tilly.

‘How the Grinch Stoles Christmas’ (2000)

In the adaptation of the classic Christmas tale, Jim Carrey takes on the role of the Grinch and because of his resentment against the inhabitants of Whoville he decides to steal their holiday, but it is thanks to the compassion and affection of Cindy Lou that he reconsiders.

Mindy Sterling, Josh Ryan Evans, Clint Howard, Bill Irwin, Christine Baranski, Taylor Momsen, Molly Shannon, Anthony Hopkins, and Jeffrey Tambor star in this 2000 film.

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Jim Carrey Movies You Can Enjoy On Netflix After Watching ‘Sonic 2’