Jessica Alba proudly shows off her daughter and they are identical

Jessica Alba she showed herself as a whole proud mom of his eldest daughter, Honor Marie, and boasted in his account in Instagram who started the eighth grade.

like all nostalgic mother seeing her children growing up, the actress wanted to leave Photographs for the memory in the social network, in the midst of his nostalgia.

“The first day of Honor of the eighth grade. A proud mom (and obviously crying) thanks @mrmikerosenthal for capturing these improvised photos of my baby boo, “she wrote next to the publication where her daughter appears posing.

Jessica Alba and her daughter are identical

With 13 years The teenager posed for the camera wearing a jersey verde and one denim skirt with a huge smile that betrayed the great resembling his mother.

The last photograph of the carousel showed a large hug of Jessica with her daughter, without a doubt, one of the best when the love of mother and daughter.

His followers did not take long to react and highlight the great similarity of both, in addition to praising them.

“She is your twin”, “She is so adorable, she is like you”, “She is your mini you” or “Mini me”, “They are identical”, “Beautiful mother’s love”, “Very adorable! She looks like her mom ”,“ She is so beautiful ”,“ I thought it was you for a second ”, they commented to her in her post.

In another of her publications you can see how the young woman maintains a very chic style like his mother’s and he already reached her from size.

The little Honor Marie He turned 13 last June and his mother dedicated an emotional message to him.

“My teenager !!!! This is 13! Honor – yes, you are already much taller than me, which you love to remind me of. But you have a heart of gold, you are full of compassion, you are very intelligent, clownish, funny and so kind… I am very proud of you (…) ”, she expressed.

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