Jensen Ackles, Timothée Chalamet… These actors who almost played Marvel superheroes

Robert Downey Junior, Chris Evans or even Chris Hemsworth… You may find it hard to imagine other actors in the roles of your favorite Marvel heroes. Yet the Avengers, whom we all know, could have had another face.

Timothée Chalamet

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Before becoming world famous, the young actor tried to pass the casting of Spiderman. And yes ! Tom Holland was not the only one who wanted this role. The young actor missed his casting due to stress. He divulged the information in an interview: I read twice and left sweating in total panic “.

Dylan Minnette

dylan minnette


Speaking of the role of Spidermanthe actor of 13 Reasons Why also passed the casting. The reason he wasn’t cast was that he didn’t give his all for the role. He himself said in an interview with BuzzFeedTo be honest, it was at a time when I wasn’t necessarily, really looking for. So I don’t think I gave it my all to get the part. »

Timothy Olyphant



Iron Man almost had another face, that of Timothy Olyphant. He auditioned the same day as Robert Downey Jr, and you know the rest of the story. In an interview, the actor joked about this audition for Marvel: He’s a wonderful actor. Robert Downey Junior and I were tested the same day. And I’m still waiting for an answer. You know, those superhero movies are huge! It could really be a game changer. »

Eddie Redmayne


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Did you know that the movie actor Fantastic Beasts was a huge Marvel fan? He auditioned for several roles, that of Magneto in X-Men: First Class ; Harry Osborn in The Amazing Spider-Man or that of Doom in fantastic Four. And he almost played Peter Quill aka Star Lord, in Guardians of the Galaxy. He was still a finalist for this role.

Jim Sturgess


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This lesser known actor also auditioned for Peter Quill. As you know, he didn’t get the role, but he still got far in the recruiting process. Indeed, he claimed during an interview on MTV that he even had a costume to match the Star Lord uniform. He himself is surprised to have come so far.

Jensen Ackles

jensen ackles supernatural dean winchester

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Dean Winchester actor in supernatural passed the cast of Captain America. He was turned down for the role, but the studio wanted to keep him for another superhero. Marvel Studio offered him to play Hawkeye for the first avengersbut the actor preferred to refuse because he was already playing alongside Jared Padalecki in supernatural. If he had not turned in the series, Hawkeye would not have been the one we know today.

Sebastian Stan

sebastian stan

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You will say “ But he plays in the Marvel movies! yes, but the actor initially auditioned for the role of Captain America and not for the Winter Soldier. Unfortunately for him, during casting he was too dark for the superhero role. But it made him the perfect actor for Bucky Barnes.

Channing Tatum

channing tatum

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Famous for his roles in magic mike or 21 Jump Street, the actor could have done the role of the Norse god, Thor. He was even one of the finalists, but was rejected. According to him, it’s because Marvel studio was looking for someone more Nordic. He confirmed that he met the director, Kenneth Branagh, about the hammer and the costume fitting.

Liam Hemsworth



Thor could have been the current performer’s brother. The two brothers went through the same casting and Liam went further than his brother in the adventure. Chris Hemsworth had been rejected by the cast before having a second chance! The little brother was still part of the finalists before being rejected. He confessed in an interview I never really wanted to do it. I always thought I was too young, I was 18 when I auditioned. »

Tom Hiddleston

tom hiddleston

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In the category of actors who have played a role other than the one for which they applied, there is Tom Hiddleston. It’s no longer really a secret, he has said in several interviews that he passed the casting for the role of Thor. But director Kenneth Branagh decided otherwise. According to him, Tom has a sense of humor and enthusiasm that made him an obvious choice for the character of Loki. And a little anecdote, he never passed a casting for the role, he got it directly.

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Jensen Ackles, Timothée Chalamet… These actors who almost played Marvel superheroes