Jennifer Love Hewitt Announces Her Unexpected Third Pregnancy

Jennifer Love Hewitt became known worldwide thanks to titles such as the series Among ghosts or later The client list, although long before it had already been part of such remarkable titles as the saga I Know What You Did Last Summer.

Beyond the professional, Jennifer Love Hewitt married in 2013 with her current partner and father of her two children, Brian hallisay when the oldest was born, Autumn James Hallisa and it was in 2015 when they had the second, Atticus James Hallisay. Now and several years later, Jennifer Love Hewitt has announced through her Instagram account that they are going to increase the family with a third baby that has come completely by surprise through a nice photo with a pregnancy test.

“We had always been open to a third party, but we definitely did not think that it would be in this crazy year that the whole world is going through,” he explained. Jennifer Love Hewitt to the magazine People. So little planned had this new pregnancy that the actress has told anecdotally that she underwent the test due to the insistence of her children after seeing how it worked in a TV commercial. It was then that her son suggested she take the test “just in case there was a baby in her womb.” “I was like ‘how rude! I just had a great dinner. What is he talking about?'” The actress explained jokingly. Although, it finally seems that their children were right, since the test result was positive. A situation that has not seemed so strange to the future older brothers, who told their mother that they had been “asking again and again for a baby brother.”

Famous pregnant women in 2021

A) Yes Jennifer Love Hewitt adds his name to that of many others celebs internationals who will become moms in 2021 as Gal Gadot, Kirsten Dunst, Valentina Ferrer (the girlfriend of J Balvin), Chiara Ferragni, Mandy Moore, Hilary Duff, Ashley Tisdale or Emily Ratajkowski, among other. A baby boom Naomi Campbell has also joined with the recent announcement of her maternity at 50 years.