Jennifer Lopez’s five secrets to radiant skin

The singer revealed how she manages to stay radiant despite the years.

Jennifer Lopez He is 53 years old but maintains a radiant, shiny and wrinkle-free skin. The artist has been listening to the same question for many years: what products does she use to have her face look so good? Therefore, in 2021 she launched her own cosmetic brand of creams: “JLO Beauty”.

“The key to having good skin is sleeping,” the actress explained in interviews. In fact, her dream is so important to her that it’s the number one pillar in her new beauty line.

She bottled her signature glow in products like a hydrating illuminating serum, a “wonder cream,” a moisturizing sunscreen, plumping sheet masks, and even a skincare supplement.

In addition to her brand products, JLo recommends the following tips to maintain a radiant skin.

JLo Beauty: Jennifer Lopez’s brand of cosmetics and skin care products. Photo: Instagram

Jennifer Lopez’s 5 keys to radiant skin


The singer has been using sunscreen as a moisturizer since she was 18 years old. She recounted in an interview that she visited a dermatologist many years ago and she shared that advice with him, while another simply suggested Botox, but she opted for the former’s recommendation.

Olive oil

He recommends using it for skin and hair hydration and antioxidant protection as well. “It’s kind of a modernized version of a secret beauty ingredient. It was everyone’s favorite in my family to add shine,” the singer revealed. However, she explained that creams that abound with this product are also suitable, “if they don’t want to smell like a salad.”


According to Lopez, you can’t have great skin and hair if you don’t treat beauty as part of your internal health. That’s why she recommends including a vitamin or supplement in your daily beauty routine. In her new supplement she uses the same olive complex found in the rest of her line JLo Beauty to fill hair and skin cells with healthy, nourishing fats.

Healthy life style

Like many other celebrities, she also credits her glowing skin with a clean, water-rich diet that she pairs with training. She recommends avoiding alcohol and smoking.

clean skin

He always washes his face after exercising. That way you keep your pores clean and your skin healthy. Nor does she go to sleep without first removing her makeup and doing a routine of skin care with moisturizers.

Lastly, a staple he uses is the Glycolic Acid to get that healthy glow and clear skin.

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Jennifer Lopez’s five secrets to radiant skin