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Jennifer Lopez, her favorite fast-food 3 years without eating it | PA

As you well know Jennifer Lopez has an enviable figure, this thanks to the exercise and a strict diet, however sometimes she succumbs to temptations, she knows what her favorite meal And this is not a diet!

When talking about this famous actress, it is inevitable not to emphasize two things today, one her age of 52 years and the second her exquisite figure.

It’s no secret that Jennifer Lopez She owns one of the most beautiful and prominent figures, besides being natural in the entire industry, her curves mesmerize anyone who sees them, especially in a scene from Hustlers where she is pole dancing. .

It should be mentioned that the singer performing “On The Floor” is quite a disciplined woman, not for this reason that she has quite an empire in the industry not only of film and music, now also as a business woman with her clothing line and skincare.

Despite his constant discipline on certain occasions, JLo, like anyone else, has a tendency to indulge in certain tastes when it comes to his diet.

Jennifer Lopez and her favorite non-diet food | .

Without a doubt, this dish is her favorite, as she indicated in an interview with Entertainment Tonight, what she bought was fast food!

Something that characterizes Americans is the consumption of a fast food restaurant chain that has quickly become popular around the world.

We’re talking McDonalds, Jennifer Lopez was 3 who didn’t eat a double cheeseburger and a lot of ketchup, which is what she asked for when she performed at the American Music Awards.

After her presentation was over and retired, she decided to give herself an award, thanks to her hard training and as she herself mentioned, how well she had performed.

It looks like McDonalds is irresistible even to the Diva from the Bronx, even though it’s a nice accolade that came after so much effort for its presentation.

Maybe for many it would be something difficult to go on for so many years without trying a burger or a potato from this fast food chain, it’s not for nothing that Jennifer Lopez owns a special figure.

Currently, her boyfriend Ben Affleck may have been tainted with his energy and the urge to exercise his beautiful girlfriend who works out every day which would be one of the best examples to follow as a couple.

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Jennifer Lopez, what’s your favorite food? it’s not a diet – Marseille News