Jennifer Lopez: what does the singer think about Jennifer Garner?

If Ben Affleck spins the perfect love with Jennifer Lopez, the latter does not hesitate to say what she thinks of her ex, Jennifer Garner.

Before living the perfect love with Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck was in a relationship with Jennifer Garner. But what does the singer think of the latter? MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

Jennifer Lopez on a little cloud

No one can miss the famous Jennifer Lopez. Indeed, the singer knows wildly successful around the world. She then makes appearances and can always count on the support of her loyal fans. And yes, the latter seem very present in the life of the young woman. Just that !

While the career of Jennifer Lopez is doing wonderfully, the private life of the latter seems to follow the same momentum. And for good reason, Jennifer Lopez has found true love. Indeed, the famous singer appears today, happier than ever. What to melt the public therefore.

As a reminder, a few months ago, Jennifer Lopez said ‘yes’ to Ben Affleck. Surrounded by their friends, the two lovebirds celebrated their love in Las Vegas. And yes, they have decided to pull out all the stops for the occasion. It must be said that the two artists are not used to doing things by halves.

If the singer agrees to share her life, the latter wishes to keep for her some details of her marriage. Indeed, the star who has just celebrated his 53 years got very angry after a video of the ceremony leaked online. It must be said that the new wife of Ben Affleck intended to keep it for her.

But in reality, the marriage of Jennifer Lopez is not the only subject to shake the Web. Indeed, fans of the latter are wondering about the relationship she has with her husband’s ex-wife, Jennifer Garner. She then responds and gives her point of view. MCE TV tells you more!

What does the singer think of Jennifer Garner?

If today, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez spin the perfect love, these last have had some heartbreak before finding themselves. Indeed, the two lovebirds have lived their lives each on their side. Starting with the actor who knew a romance with the famous Jennifer Garner.

As a reminder, before divorcing, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner had three children: Violet, 17, Seraphina, 13 and Samuel, 10. The two parents who preferred to continue on different paths, nevertheless remain on good terms.

Today, couple and married to Jennifer Lopez, the famous actor is therefore trying to rebuild his life. But do not panic, the latter does not draw a line under his past and his new wife even seems to be admiring of the ex-wife.

Indeed, in an interview with Vogue, Jennifer Jopez confessed that Jennifer Garner was “wonderful”. In addition, she did not forget to specify: “They are very good parents, together, for their children. » She then later claimed that she got along very well with the children’s mother.

One thing is certain, Jennifer Lopez has not finished surprising her fans. They just have to be ready. To be continued.

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Jennifer Lopez: what does the singer think about Jennifer Garner?