Jennifer Lopez turns 52: these have been all her partners until Ben Affleck

Jennifer Lopez blows 52 candles and she does it in the company of Ben Affleck, with whom she has resumed her relationship. Both were engaged and about to get married but the New Yorker ran away before the link.

The New York singer arrives spectacular at 52 years old

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Jennifer López’s heart has always been busy despite the fact that she has not managed to maintain her relationships over time. His return with the Oscar-winning actor means recovering one of the loves of his life and may be the beginning of a long romance.

These are all the couples of Jennifer López throughout her life:

David Cruz

He is the first boyfriend known to the New York singer and actress. She was a teenage love and he always supported her during the first years of her career until they broke up. Cruz died last year at age 51.

Ojani Noa

The Cuban actor was the singer’s first husband. They married in 1997 and divorced in 1998 after many problems. Jennifer López assured that Noa was raping her and the courts agreed with her.

Tommy Mottola

Mariah Carey’s ex-husband was just a special friend of JLo. Their relationship lasted rather shortly during 1999 although she has always denied that they were really a couple. However, she has always shown her eternal gratitude to him.

Sean Combs

The singer and music producer began dating in 1999 but their relationship only lasted two years. Both were arrested because, apparently, Combs was involved in a shooting. She broke up with him because she wasn’t going to have the life she wanted.

Cris Judd

JLo went down the aisle again with Cris Judd in 2021. Again, the love lasted rather shortly and they divorced a year after getting married after much trouble. Judd confessed that being with a superstar was very hard for him.

Ben Affleck

The Oscar-winning actor was Jennifer Lopez’s new great love after her divorce. Fate has brought them back together now after starring in a scandalous episode in 2003 in which she decided to cancel all wedding plans when there was very little left to say ‘I do’.

Actress and singer Jennifer Lopez and actor Ben Affleck at the

López and Affleck during their first romance

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Marc Anthony

The Puerto Rican singer has been the great love, and the longest, of Jennifer López. With him he has had Esme and Max, his two children. Both were secretly married in 2004 but after ten years they ended up separating their lives after a great musical career together.

Singer and actress Jennifer Lopez and husband Marc Anthony attends SimonFuller's Hollywood Walk of Fame Star ceremony on May 23, 2011 in Hollywood, Ca

Anthony and Lopez


Casper Smart

In 2011 the singer decided to start a relationship with this dancer, who was 18 years older. The age difference was not a problem until he realized that he was not ready to take another step with a woman with children in addition to having behaviors that did not favor the relationship. They ended in 2014.


Drake, one of the most famous rappers in the world, dated the Bronx singer for a few months between 2016 and 2017. It was just never a serious relationship.

Alex Rodriguez

Last April was the moment when Jennifer López and Álex Rodríguez put an end to a relationship that began in 2017. Once again, the singer was engaged to the former New York Yankees player but the big wedding could not be celebrate.

Jennifer López and Álex Rodríguez at the photocall of the 26th annual 'Screen Actors Guild Awards'.

López and Rodríguez