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Jennifer Lopez, the secret of her best fall outfits | .

Everyone knows that one of the best dressed artists for all occasions is Jennifer Lopez who has some secrets to always look perfect with her. outfits especially in this fall.

Since the start of fall, thousands of clothes have been released to the market just like any other season of the year, but for many this specific season is one of the favorites.

This may be due to the combination of hot and cold we feel throughout the day, the warm tones we find in nature and sunsets, and the ability to wear opaque clothing that simply has look perfect.

Jennifer Lopez She always tends to surprise with her outfits, obviously she has a big advantage, she is a celebrity that brands seek to show off their clothes.

Throughout her most recent posts we have seen that the beautiful protagonist of the movie “Hustlers” has chosen to wear clothes in an earth tone, between cafes and the most recent an olive green that highlights her beautiful skin. .

The 52-year-old singer, model, actress and businesswoman is swept away not only by the trends, but by the representative tones of the seasons.

Jennifer Lopez, the secret of her best fall outfits | .

This could be the secret to the success he has with each of his appearances, both in public and on social media.

A few days before the start of fall (September 22), the singer also known as Jenny From The Block, wore a brown dress to the Met Gala, perhaps already preparing for the arrival of the season.

In her subsequent posts, with the exception of the first in which she accompanied her boyfriend Ben Affleck on a red carpet, she has worn clothes in shades of brown and a few variations.

In her latest post, she is presented with a long blazer and an olive green dress maybe a little more brown, glasses in brown tones and pointy ankle boots also in an olive tone.


In conclusion, we could say that depending on each season are the tones that you should use, but these should be a little sober and not attract as much attention as it does. Jennifer Lopez.

Apparently, monochrome jumpsuits worked for her, i.e. wearing multiple clothes of the same color, but with different fabrics and textures, these types of looks also stand out immediately on sight, as you can tell. see on his latest photos.

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