Jennifer Lopez leaves fans in shock with giant high-heeled boots

Being golden, they still showed more to the eye.

Jennifer Lopez has shown on several occasions that she is not afraid to take risks in terms of her appearance, and the one we talk about here is a clear example.

The 51-year-old artist shared photos of the look with the more than 160 million followers she has on her account. Instagram.

Looking at the first picture (which can be seen in the gallery), nothing extraordinary is noticeable, but when it comes down to the boots, then it is impossible to remain indifferent.

Jennifer Lopez

With a fairly high heel and in gold tones, there is no doubt that these over the knee boots were the stars of the garment.

Jennifer Lopez

It should be noted that the artist is currently experiencing a happy moment in her life. J-Lo is dating Ben Affleck, thus reclaiming an old romance the two of them had in the early 2000s.

Love to last! Ben Affleck has already conquered Jennifer Lopez’s children

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez decided to give love a new chance, there is no doubt about this. After the many meetings and the photo that shows a kiss between the two, a source close to the couple comes to reveal new details about the relationship.

Speaking to the e! News, said source ensures that the two are “inseparable” and that the singer “has never been so happy.”

The relationship is getting so serious that Ben Affleck has already met J. Lo’s children and seems to have been very well accepted by 13-year-old twins Emme and Max.

“Your kids really like Ben and they find him fun and amusing. He totally conquered the family with his charm, ”he says.

Jennifer Lopez’s mother also seems to adore the new son-in-law. Guadalupe already had a good relationship with the actor when the latter dated his daughter previously and is now “excited” to see them together again.

“Jennifer is very close to her mother. It is very important to her that the person she is getting along with with her mother, ”the publication quotes, noting that the singer will have loved that the actor and mother had spent time together on a recent trip to Las Vegas.