Jennifer Lopez Has the Perfect Fashion Trick for Short Women

For those who want to play with visual tricks to “lengthen” or “shorten” limbs or to “lose weight” or stylize any part of the body, there are some stylists instructions who help with homework. Such is the case that many celebrities, including Jennifer Lopezgo to them and leave traces in their social networks and public presentations.

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To create a feeling of height and gain inches, you can resort to a style strategy that goes beyond heels that can hurt your feet and even injure them. One of them comes from the hand of the hair. This aspect can cause optical effect of slimming and “height”.

so a short hair look, that does not exceed the shoulders so as not to “press down”, will be an excellent option. In the case of Jennifer Lopez, the singer has worn it for most of her life with a length below that measurement. But it is very frequent that she takes it picked up or apply more volume at the top of your head.

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Short women who want to bet on another trick of fashion to seem taller or slendermay also be inclined towards the choice of jeans or bootcut jeans. These garments are one of the tools for “lengthen” the legsbut they should not be too loose, in which case you should resort to straight models.

Jennifer Lopez usually applies these outfits for shorter women. Source: Instagram @jlo

Finally, another of tricks very applied by JLo are the monochrome outfits. That is, the actress generally rules out prints that tend to give volume to the figure and in some cases, such as horizontal stripes or checks, totally shorten the illusion of height. Instead, she opts for total looks where she doesn’t exactly wear a single color, but different shades. In this way, a certain “vertical flow” that gives the color is not interrupted.

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Jennifer Lopez Has the Perfect Fashion Trick for Short Women