Jennifer Lopez confirms purple leggings will be the viral trend of the summer

It is already a fact: leggings they won’t be going anywhere anytime soon, so the best thing to do is to start to know what are the colors in trend for this season, what better way than to closely follow the celebrities to realize which will be the most viral, such as Jennifer Lopez, a declared fan of leggings who now wears them in purple.

A few days ago we saw how the businesswoman Jennifer Lopez walked the streets of Miami, wearing leggings in purple. It is a fact that in addition, that tone has something for which it particularly attracts attention.

Jennifer Lopez

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Leggings in trend for summer

According to Jennifer Lopez, they come in purple. Although we have already seen that she wears them in this tone, she brings them to life with a dynamic print, she recently did it with some leggings with a futuristic print and today he has worn them with a snake one.

It is worth noting that the print of this reptile is one that he attends with some frequencya, because for a couple of years he has been seen wearing it in more dynamic tones, such as blue or yellow, now he chooses to wear it in a less striking one, but not for that, less audacious.

The artist combined it with a t-shirt in black (also featured in a slight gradient on her leggings), some brown sneakers and a raised chingnon: an ideal look to go to the gym.

Jennifer Lopez

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Although this garment was one that was relegated to exercise sessions for a long time, it has been precisely thanks to celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez that they have taken a turn, being taken by them for a coffee and even a date.

This garment traces its use from María Félix to the present day, only now it has a risky twist, thanks to Jennifer Lopez. In addition to taking them to the gym, remember that a piece like this can be combined to take it on a casual escape.

Jennifer Lopez’s style