Jennifer Lopez Brings Back Her Jenny From The Block Look With A 2021 Twist

In 2002 Jennifer Lopez reminded us that despite all her hits, luxuries, and famous boyfriends, she was still ‘Jenny From the Block’. Today, almost 20 years later, many more accumulated successes, a stratospheric career and more famous boyfriends (and a husband) under her belt, JLo reminds us again that its essence remains intact.

We don’t know if it is the revival of her romance with Ben Affleck but it has been inevitable that our nostalgia for those first years of the century does not make us see winks at them everywhere, especially when it comes to fashion.

We’ve already been talking about the return of the noughties, their infamous trends like scarf tops, cargo pants, hip jeans, and colored streaks in their hair. All very Britney, very Destiny’s Child … muy Jenny From The Block.

As we already know, fashion is cyclical and everything, in some way or another, comes back. What we tend to forget is that love, apparently, can be too. Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton showed it to us and now the equivalent of this golden couple for the new generations, that is to say Jennifer Lopez y Ben Affleck, they reiterate it to us.

The couple sat courtside watching a Los Angeles Lakers and San Antonio Spurs playoff game in Los Angeles.

© Vince Bucci
The couple sat courtside watching a Los Angeles Lakers and San Antonio Spurs playoff game in Los Angeles.

With both ideas in mind, JLo’s latest look is worth talking about and all the ‘From The Block’ vibes that he transmitted to us.

Jenny From The Block 2.0

The first thing to say is that this recent Jennifer Lopez look It is one that definitely sticks to the trends of 2021, especially the one that Kendall Jenner and the Olsen twins with their The Row brand opened the door wide for her. We’re talking about masculine-inspired outfits, with a focus on chinos paired with wardrobe basics and ultra-feminine accessories. A contrast that he never seems to tire of and that all his iterations, season after season, are always interesting.

The protagonist of Hustlers has been one of the last celebrities to join this trend, giving, of course, his personal touch and achieving – we do not know very well how – to refer to his days of Bennifer 1.0.

Jennifer Lopez.

© Hollywood To You/Star Max/Getty Images
Jennifer Lopez.

Where there were cargo pants in 2002, now there are paperbag pants in 2021. Where there were stiletto-heeled ankle boots, there are sober Oxford Shoes instead. When before the look was finished with a wide-brimmed hat, now the actress does it with thick pasta glasses. Of course, if something has remained, it has been the crop top, because if something has stood the test of time (incredibly well) they are Jennifer Lopez’s abs. And, finally, the gold rings, also present since those days because, do not forget, Jenny From The Block is back or rather never gone.