Jennifer Lopez appears wearing only wings in video!

Once again Jennifer Lopez managed to capture all the eyes of her followers thanks to a video where he appears without any garment, the only thing he is wearing are wings that cover a little of his back.

For more than 35 years Jennifer Lopez also known by the nickname of “The Diva of the Bronxs“It seems that she has a habit of setting trends among her followers and it is not because of anything but because the fact that her singer and actress usually impose fashions.

There have already been several occasions in which the ex-wife of Marc Anthony makes a stir on the Internet, as in 2015 she used her famous green dress from the Versace fashion house, from that moment Google decided to open its image search engine.

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Surely the new generations do not know the story of Jennifer Lopez as well as their own fans, but without a doubt, her music has become the favorite of millions thanks to the rhythm and also in large part to the collaborations that she has managed to have, as is the case. of Shakira in the Super Bowl and Maluma in the launching of several of his singles as well as with Pitbull.

However, when this beautiful Hollywood celebrity has shone the most is when she is alone, as happened with her official video of one of her most recent singles. “In The Morning“, where he caused more than sighs to those who saw his advertising and the video itself.

And is that JLo He appears without any garment in several scenes using only some wings, this surely made more than one of his fans play this video over and over again, the images were shared on Instagram in an unofficial account, surely they are admirers of the singer who it shared.

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As for the current girlfriend of Ben Affleck has on his official Instagram account, several publications that refer to “In The Morning”, appearing without any garment! Obviously he took great care of the type of photos he was going to share, so that the application itself did not delete its content.

As in his official video, he is careful not to show too much, although it is evident that he is not wearing anything, as in his official video there are more quite flirty images, it is preferable to see the original so you can see it in the next one link:


The official video published on YouTube has more than 5.2 million views to this day, it was launched 6 months ago on his channel, it also has 6,879 comments where surely more than one of the Internet users who wrote him are declaring their love and paying your respects with your graphic messages.

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Jennifer Lopez looked like an angel with her wings, although she had nothing on her, she is all beautiful and her millions of fans corroborate it without thinking twice.

Something that for the interpreter of “On The Floor“It is quite easy to achieve massive sighs, despite being 52 years old, he continues to maintain an exquisite figure.

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Surely the time or perhaps even more since she began her career when she was 17 years old has not stopped exercising until today, not everyone can boast a figure like hers and especially that she is known to be very dedicated to her physique.

Being an icon of fashion as well as music, Jennifer Lopez has also won the admiration of the new generations who today enjoy her music.