Jennifer Lopez and her recipe to generate collagen in the skin

Jennifer Lopez and her recipe to generate collagen in the skin

This time we will present the recipe to you anti-aging by Jennifer Lopez to generate collagen in the skin, something that is undoubtedly something that many people expected to know.

Best of all, this elixir natural is probably already somewhere in your kitchen.

If you’re looking for the secret to flawless, anti-aging skin, we’ve got it here because it’s about olive oil, an ingredient Jennifer López uses in her daily skin care routine.

And it is that in addition to giving a fresh look and a hydrated and shiny complexion, olive oil restores and cares for the skin, nourishing the face thanks to its collagen-generating properties.

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So without further ado, we’ll give you the steps below so you know exactly what to do:

Wash your face and remove all excess pigment. With your fingertips, pour two drops of olive oil. Apply on the eye contour or on the most marked expression lines. For best results, try this beauty secret from The Bronx Diva three times a week. (AND)

There is no doubt that if there is anyone who can teach us a lesson in how to be awesome regardless of the years, it is Jennifer Lopez.

And how could it not be so! If, over the years, it looks younger and younger and completely renewed.

However, beyond blessed genetics, the reality is that the singer owes her inspiring appearance to the disciplined and well-defined daily routine, which she accomplishes no matter what in a religious manner, achieving surprising and enviable results.

And if you were wondering what these “miraculous” steps she puts into practice, here are 5 habits that have already become the legitimate commandments of beauty routines:

In fact, once Tracy Anderson, JLo’s personal trainer, made it known that diet is the key point for the singer to show not only an impact figure but also skin that takes years from His look.

Well, eating a diet rich in fresh, organic foods, besides being completely restrictive in terms of processed foods and caffeine, is what Jennifer takes religiously.

Colorful salads with lots of vegetables, lean protein (especially salmon, which is his favorite) and whole grains, are the foods that make up his daily diet.

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Jennifer Lopez and her recipe to generate collagen in the skin