Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck engaged? This clue that leaves little room for doubt

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have they passed the course of the engagement? It is in any case what one can suppose by seeing the beautiful diamond worn by the singer.

It’s the cliché everyone is talking about. On April 7, the American media TMZ posted a photo that leaves little doubt about the engagement of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck. Indeed, while she is shopping, the singer is seen on the shelves, with a pretty jewel on her finger : a diamond ring adorns his left hand. Dressed in a floral dress and sunglasses, the artist wanders between the shelves. But her big diamond is indeed visible and would therefore confirm the engagement rumors, revealed last March.

In fact, according to the website EntertainmentTonight, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez would be ready to say yes: “An engagement is on the table and it’s been an ongoing conversation. They actively talk about what went wrong in the past and use those experiences to strengthen their relationship now, for the future, and for themselves and their families.” explained a source close to the couple. Good news for their fans who are impatiently waiting for the singer to officially wear the ring on her it was planned to do in 2003.

A marriage, eighteen years after the first request?

While the two lovebirds were to marry on September 14, 2003, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez no longer support the media pressure. Thus, the couple announces the postponement of the ceremony: “Given the excessive media attention surrounding our wedding, we decided to postpone it. When we saw ourselves seriously considering hiring three different ‘fake brides’ at three locations different, we realized something was wrong,” they said. Unfortunately, three months later, the couple separated. Difficult times for the two lovers, who eighteen years later found themselves.


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Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck engaged? This clue that leaves little room for doubt