Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck engaged: discover the exorbitant price of the ring!

20 years after their aborted engagement, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck plan to get married… for good this time! Find out the price of the ring that the actor offered to his dear and tender.

After 20 years of separation,Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck found themselves as on the first day. The star couple of the early 2000s were once engaged but had finally decided to break up, leaving all their inconsolable fans at the time… But lo and behold, two decades, marriages and respective children laterthe singer and the actor have decided to give their love a chance. Friday April 8, 2022, the lovebirds even went back to the next step: the actor has asked for his sweetheart again!

Of course, Jennifer Lopez accepted this second marriage proposal from Ben Affleck. The lovers will therefore pass the ring on their finger soon. It is in his newsletter that the artist shared this happy news with his admirers. You could also see the famous ring that M. gave to his future wife. The jewel is simply sublime: this is a huge natural green diamond. Page Six, a people news site, contacted Mike Fried, a gemstone expert, who analyzed the splendid pebble… and its price would be staggering!

Ben Affleck offers a sublime jewel to Jennifer Lopez to ask her in marriage

Mike Fried explained to Page Six about the jewel that Ben Affleck offered to Jennifer Lopez to make a marriage proposal:If it is indeed a green diamond, then I am blown away. A green diamond of this size is extremely rare and would exceed the value of their previous engagement ring. I would estimate the ring well over 5 million dollars (4,574,200 euros, editor’s note) but could totally exceed 10 million (9,148,400 euros, editor’s note).“It’s well known, when you love, you don’t count!


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Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck engaged: discover the exorbitant price of the ring!