Jennifer Lopez, 52, sublime: her overalls are perfect for all silhouettes

Jennifer Lopez always has a knack for creating a shock! In any case, in her dressing room, this secret piece wins all the votes!

Love gives wings to Jennifer Lopez!

When she shot this film, had Jennifer Lopez already fallen under the spell of Ben Affleck? To think that she was originally supposed to marry someone else, namely Marc Anthony! Instead of bringing them closer, the confinement totally demolished their romance. But don’t worry about her. Whether in terms of work or her love CV, she was able to bounce back in record time. As proof, rumors of engagement spring up in the press. After a year together, they should say yes soon. So, rather than contradicting them, the lovebirds prefer to have a good time and do not hide for a second this happiness to be reunited. This series of photos is once again a clear indication of the morale of the singer and actress. She seems more fulfilled than ever… and the converse is true!

Who would have thought that possible?

At this moment, the sun is timidly pointing the end of its ray. Even if the proverb says thatin April, we should not discover each other with a thread, Jennifer Lopez does as she pleases. Since the pandemic is finally behind us, she puts on her sunglasses and goes out to clear her mind. Without a mask, she feels alive again and sprouting wings. And all this she will do in gallant company, of course. As she is now used to, the Latina bomba takes care to select her dress. It’s the same thing every time, we love it. The jealous would say that a rag dresses it. You understood, she ignores this kind of gratuitous wickedness. On Instagram, she wins all the votes, and especially those ofObjeko !

Screenshot (c) Instagram (c) catwalkhautecouture

Often used by pregnant women, overalls are a great way to look casual. And that, Jennifer Lopez has grasped it well. Say goodbye to suffocating sweatpants in flashy colors. The selected material may be jeans, but it opts for a dark shade. To give a little light to all this, she adds a white short-sleeved t-shirt. Just below is good enough. She doesn’t need a jacket as the weather is nice in Los Angeles. Let it be said, on anyone else it would seem bland, but not on her. This mix is ​​lovely. It’s obvious, Ben Affleck as his fans only sees her!

Jennifer Lopez’s choice deciphered by our fashion experts

Regarding the cut, it returns to the front of the stage. Yes readerObjeko, you may have noticed, but vintage is on the rise. For their part, the fashion experts interviewed by the Objeko team provide further information. Nicknamed ” boyfriend “, it makes you smile. Supposedly less feminine than others, this reference knows exactly how to hide the little complexes of Jennifer Lopez and her friends. Contrary to what one might think, she did not choose it at random. Appearing taller and more refined, she can walk around without the slightest fear in the arms of her serving knight.

Those who have a little belly to hide from prying eyes should test these overalls. It is well worth a look or to try on in the shop. However, a strange phenomenon occurs. As soon as a star of this caliber wears it, it’s guaranteed to be out of stock in the store. At the end of July, Jennifer Lopez will proudly assume her fifty-three springs. It’s crazy, it looks like she’s twenty years younger!

Mother of two children, the pregnancies have obviously not demolished her self-confidence. More than ever, she wants to set an example for women who feel uncomfortable in their own skin. There’s no need to hide behind tons of clothes! Take heart, walk tall and straight in your boots or flip-flops. She therefore shows us the way: it is no longer a question of playing the card of shyness. See you soon, continued in the next issue ofObjeko !

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Jennifer Lopez, 52, sublime: her overalls are perfect for all silhouettes