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Sunday May 21, Cannes, the Croisette. In front of the Palais des Festivals, the flashes crackle around THE star of the evening. Jennifer Lawrence hasn’t climbed the stairs since 2014, and photographers are therefore rushing to immortalize her. Good point: under her sublime long dress, signed Dior, the muse of the house reveals black plastic flip-flops.

The shot will make people talk, probably more than the documentary she produced and came to defend, Bread and Roses, on the daily lives of Afghan women. A clothing choice that was not yet “not a political act”, she swears two weeks later at the microphone ofEntertainmentTonight. Yeah… Except that the 32-year-old actress now makes committed gestures out of her extravagances, she who refuses to bow to the dictates of Hollywood.

It was also far from the City of Angels that it was born on August 15, 1990. In Louisville, Kentucky, the bourbon or tobacco industries are more buoyant than the cinema industry. Jennifer’s mother, Karen, is the director of a summer camp; his father, Gary, works in construction. Childhood is spent in the wilderness, with four pet ponies. The youngest of three kids, she is more of a tomboy, copying her brothers, Ben and Blaine.

On the sports side, she joined the men’s basketball team coached by her father, between two games of hockey or softball. No wonder the kid’s nickname was then Nitro, for nitroglycerin: she was ultra-energetic, even explosive. “I stick to my astrological sign, she summarizes in the magazine W. We Lions are boastful, but generous. We love attention and are not shy.” Still, school is not a cakewalk for the Avril Lavigne fan. “I was not cool”, continues the one that is so today. This gives a big feeling of exclusion and an unpopular Jen. It may well become a cheerleader, nothing helps. “I was very weird”, will she let go in vogue. “I didn’t fit the mould. I was anxious. I hated school trips; parties stress me out. And my sense of humor was different from other people’s.” The good news is that at the age of 15, she is freed from college castes: her parents accept that she no longer goes to class.

A few months earlier, while she was in New York, she was spotted by a photographer, and after a few castings for commercials, the Lawrence family makes up their mind: the sets will make her happier than school. “Barely on stage, my mother saw the change that was taking place in me. She saw my anxieties disappear”, she remembers in Miss Figaro.

So much for the diplomas and the medical career she dreamed of! So much for seizing the opportunities. “I had finally found something I was told I was good at, she adds in vogue. Rather than continue to pay for my sessions at the shrink and my medication, my parents let me do it. By giving her a serious boost all the same: a mortgage is taken out on the family home to accompany her to New York, until she makes herself known.

If she begins with modeling, her vocation is clearly elsewhere. When she poses for Abercrombie & Fitch, she doesn’t realize that you just have to fake an American football pass: getting caught up in the game, she really runs, finds herself red and sweaty, and knocks another model to the ground! Definitely, the acting will be more for her. No need for acting lessons: she lands supporting roles in series, such as monks Or Medium, before becoming the heroine of a sitcom, The Bill Engvall Show, for three seasons.

What convince some film directors that it should not be left on TV! In 2008, she made her big screen debut in garden party, then explodes in drama Winter’s Bone, which earned her to become the youngest actress nominated for an Oscar… And to attract the attention of blockbuster producers! She narrowly misses the role of Bella in Twilight, but integrates the franchise X-Men in 2011, then the trilogy The Hunger Games in 2012. Her character of Katniss Everdeen makes her slightly paranoid: one evening when she returns from filming, she takes a repairman for a thief, and welcomes him with her bow pointed in the face. The film also makes her one of America’s richest and most famous actresses, earning $26 million in 2013.

Two years later, she will be the highest paid actress in the world. Some would have taken the melon, Jen remains rather relaxed, notably telling anyone who wants to listen that as soon as she is drunk, she becomes another, Gail, fan of arm wrestling… She is also this star who gets a tattoo H2 O on the hand to remember to drink water, and forget, during an interview, to turn off your microphone when going to the toilet! Still, behind the jokes and blunders, not everything is rosy for the young woman.

Starting with the leak of photos of her, naked, released by a hacker, which traumatized her… But also her closeness to Harvey Weinstein, which was reproached to her from the emergence of #MeToo. In 2018, she therefore decided to take a break, after dozens of filming and several flop at the cinema. “People got tired of seeing me. Me too, I’ve had enough of me, does she analyze in Vanity Fair. My job has helped me a lot to feel loved. For a long time, I told myself that while filming, no one could think that I was zero.

After a few months of break, it is a more politicized Jennifer who asserts herself, she who campaigns for equal pay between men and women, defends abortion, evokes her two miscarriages, calls Donald Trump a “jar of mayonnaise”… And even gets angry with part of his family, Republicans. She has her own clan now anyway, after marrying art dealer Cooke Maroney and becoming a mom to little Cy last year. “Since I had a baby, I feel bad and guilty all the time”, has she since admitted in variety, explaining how to calm his anxieties with difficulty. Few actresses would admit it… But off screen, there was no question for Jennifer of playing perfect happiness!

His career


As a teenager, she poses for the famous sportswear brand. The photos will never be used by the brand! A little lack of flair…


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In this family sitcom, Jennifer plays a rebellious teenager. The critics are then unanimous: it bursts the screen.


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In this prequel to the saga, she is Mystique. She said she lost her apartment deposit, the blue makeup stained her bathtub.


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First part of the trilogy which makes her famous all over the world. Thanks to this film set in an apocalyptic future, her future becomes clearer!


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His performance in this dark comedy is hailed by critics. She also received the Oscar for best actress.

2014 : SERENA

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Adaptation of a novel recounting the Great Depression, the film flopped. This is one of many collaborations from Jen and Bradley Cooper.


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In this Netflix box, the actress is Kate Dibiasky, an astronomer who tries to warn about the climate crisis. As creepy as it is exhilarating.


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Jennifer, who complains of not doing enough comedies, is served in this film where she is an Uber driver hired to tease a 19-year-old boy.

The queen of the gadins

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The sequence marked the Oscars ceremony in 2014 and made tens of millions of views on YouTube. On the way to collect the trophy for best actress, Jen was miserably crusted on the stairs. But not enough to leave her mortified, she who had burst out laughing. It must be said that she is accustomed to falls, especially on the red carpet of the SAG Awards in 2013, then again at the Oscars in 2015. Her way of being down to earth…

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his loves

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They were young, beautiful, and famous: from 2010 to 2014, Jennifer formed a hit couple with actor Nicholas Hoult, met on the set of X-Men. A story in which the blonde will recover in the arms of Chris Martin, with whom she remains a year, interspersed with ruptures. Then in 2016, she fell for director Darren Aronofsky, with whom she shot Mother! The end clap, however, comes fairly quickly, leaving Miss Lawrence free for gallery owner Cooke Maroney, whom she met in 2018, and with whom she had her first child, a little Cy, in February 2022. Still, she could have had a whole another fairy tale: rumor has it that Prince Harry had indeed fallen for her, but she would have politely repackaged him…

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At war with Miley!

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It is undoubtedly one of the VIP conflicts that has caused the most talk in Hollywood. On January 13, Miley Cyrus released the clip for her new song, Flowers.

An attack in good and due form against her ex-husband, Liam Hemsworth, whose birthday it was that day… However, he was not the only victim of the singer: in his viewfinder, Jennifer Lawrence, the Australian’s partner in Hunger Games! A duo that some had said was too close at the time, which Miley confirmed by wearing in her clip the golden dress that Jen wore during a premiere… The art of washing your dirty laundry in public!

Kardashian fan!

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Do you love the adventures of Kourtney, Khloé, Kylie and all our favorite K soc’? Jen too. A few years ago, she even spent her birthday with Kris Jenner. “During the filming of Mother!, I was in such a depressed state that I absolutely needed to watch their show”, she admits. Thank you who? Thank you Kim!

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Jennifer Lawrence: funny serious