Jennifer Lawrence confesses that she took drugs to film a scene from ‘Don’t Look Up’


Jennifer Lawrence, protagonist of Don’t look up beside Leonardo Dicaprio, has confessed that he asked permission from the director, Adam McKay, to smoke a cannabis joint before filming a scene with Meryl Streep, as her character was “really high”.

This past December 24, Netflix premiered one of the films that aims to become a hit for the platform in the coming months. The comedy Don’t look up, starring great actors such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence o Meryl Streep, already triumphs internationally and its director, Adam McKay, has taken advantage of its launch to reveal some details of the production.

During an interview for Yahoo! Movies, the Oscar-winning screenwriter has confessed that the film has a 16-minute scene of complete improvisation. In addition, it has revealed that in one of the scenes the actress from The Hunger Games was actually under the influence of drugs.

According to McKay himself, the American actress asked him for permission to smoke a cannabis joint in one of the scenes of the film, because in it his character I was “really high”. Before this request, the director could not help but agree with a “of course, you can get high,” he detailed.

In that scene, the actress makes a monologue of several minutes and, according to her own explanation, she was the laughingstock on the set for several hours: “Everybody messed with me [durante la escena]I guess because I was high. It was easy to get angry, ”Lawrence pointed out.

The interpreter, who announced in September that she was expecting her first child with her husband Cooke Maroney, has also wanted to clarify that “I was not pregnant at the time“to avoid possible confusion.

The controversial pay gap between Jennifer Lawrence and Leonardo DiCaprio

What the actress has highlighted has been the wage gap that has existed between both protagonists of the film. And it is that as he explained in an interview for Vanity Fair, Leonardo DiCaprio earned 20% more that she in Don’t look up, even though Jennifer Lawrence is the one appears as the main protagonist in production credits.

Jennifer Lawrence y Leonardo DiCaprio // GTRES

Apparently the star of The Revenant had received $ 30 millionwhile Lawrence had won $ 25 million. However, the actress tried to downplay what happened, remembering that DiCaprio was a bigger claim for sales: “Look, Leo brings more box office than me. I am very lucky and I am happy with my agreement ”.

Of course, she has not avoided emphasizing her disagreement with gender pay differences in all areas: “What I have seen, and I am sure that other women in your workplace have seen it as well, is that it is extremely uncomfortable to ask about equal pay. And if you question something that seems uneven, they tell you it’s not gender disparitybut they can’t tell you what it is exactly. “

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Jennifer Lawrence confesses that she took drugs to film a scene from ‘Don’t Look Up’