Jennifer Hudson protects Tom Hooper’s strange cat chick – France News Live

Chat Is near the moon, but is almost misunderstood by Jennifer Hudson.

Sometimes there are weird creations that you just don’t know if you hate them or deserve a real cult. This is the case with the movie version of the musical. Chat, who True UFO It mixes bad taste, traumatic visual effects and lost stories. Still, seeing those evil CGI human cats singing together in more works than usual is almost always mesmerizing. Despite devastating reviews and ridiculed viewers, actress Jennifer Hudson, who plays Grizabella’s character, defends Chat..

Jennifer Hudson devoured by cats

In many cases, Chat It was a special experience at best, and at worst it was terribly painful. It was amazing for Jennifer Hudson.The actress had a blast on the set, but she also believes the film was misunderstood, as she reveals. Film total :

“Do you know what? I think I was a little overwhelmed. I apologize for being misunderstood. I think people’s outlook will change later. But I am very proud and grateful to be able to participate. Yes, I became Glamorous Cat Grizabella! ”

An almost heartwarming enthusiasm away from the emotional downfall experienced by Jason Derulo, who experienced the bitter failure of the film as a real lesson in life. Chat Will be rehabilitated by future generations, perhaps he will be respected for the strange quality of Nanner: room By Tommy Wiseau At any rate, the Oscar winners woman of your dreams According to her, she says she is confident that the film will eventually find its audience. It’s so bad it’s good..

photoI’m still a little worried

About whether Chat He haunts midnight sessions with enthusiastic cosplay viewers, but that’s not so sure. corn, Movies remain a hot topicEspecially thanks to this famous Bat hole cut Due to a bit of realism (or the “hated person version”), the feline actor matched the prominent anus. An unmodified version of the film that many curious people want to discover, which will add a little more madness in the middle of this strange mountain.

To delve deeper into this amazing statement, you can find our review Chat Here only.

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Jennifer Hudson protects Tom Hooper’s weird cat chick

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