Jennifer Hudson makes the public cry by singing an anthem to an 82-year-old woman

Hudson popularized this early 20th-century Christian hymn on his self-titled debut album, when he was just 27 years old.

The Jennifer Hudson Show audience was treated to an impromptu performance of a Christian hymn that brought many to tears. Hudson, a multi-talented singer, songwriter and actress, sang an a cappella rendition of “Jesus Promised Me a Home Over There,” an early 20th-century gospel tune.

A surprise among the public

The clip begins with Hudson approaching a woman who identifies herself as Marilyn, who is 82 years old. Hudson was told that Marilyn had a question for her, but all she wanted to ask was for Hudson to sing her hymn. She waited just long enough for her sound team to add a touch of reverb to her microphone before launching into the song.

Marilyn’s reaction was adorable and touching. She seems surprised from the first few notes, and when Hudson quickly asks if Marilyn wanted to sing, Grandma sheepishly raises her hand in polite refusal. From then on, Marilyn was all smiles as Hudson sang the spiritual hymn. When she finished, Marilyn and many of her attendees cheered with tears in their eyes.

“Jesus promised”

It’s no wonder Jennifer Hudson had the anthem lined up in her repertoire, as she popularized the tune on her 2008 self-titled debut studio album. Hudson’s recent impromptu rendition of the song was well done, made even sweeter by the connection he formed with Marilyn, but the studio recording gets the better of him.

Not only does it include a gospel-style piano and organ, but Hudson’s voice is beyond impressive. She was only 27 years old when she recorded “Jesus Promised Me a Home Over There,” but she approaches the melody like a seasoned pro, with exceptional control over her voice and incredible soaring notes.

Listen to this excellent anthem

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Jennifer Hudson makes the public cry by singing an anthem to an 82-year-old woman