Jennifer Hudson, another face in the select group of EGOT

In a video posted on her Instagram account, Jennifer Hudson toasts with her friends.

–As I said when I won the Oscar, look what God can do. He did it again!

Hudson thus shared his happiness after getting a Tony, the theater awards that are granted on Broadway.

From that moment, he became part of a select club, the EGOT.

This is the name given to those who have won the four most important awards in the entertainment industry in the United States: Emmy (television), Grammy (music), Oscar and Tony (scenic art).

She is the 17th member and she got it by being one of the producers of a strange loop , chosen in the category of best new musical. Hudson is the youngest woman (40 years old) and the second African-American in the group, after Whoopi Goldberg.

Along with these two are Richard Rodgers (the composer opened the club and even added a fifth title: the Pulitzer), Helen Hayes, Rita Moreno, Sir John Gielgud, Audrey Hepburn (recognized from eternity, after his death, with the Emmy and the Grammy), Marvin Hamlish, Jonathan Tunick, Mel Brooks, Mike Nichols, Scott Rudin, Robert Lopez, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Tim Rice, John Legend and Alan Menken.

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Hudson’s fame began in 2004 when he was a finalist in the contest American Idol (placed seventh). For her role as Effie White in dreamgirls She won the 2007 Oscar for Best Supporting Actress. She later won two Grammys, one for best R&B album and another as part of the cast of the album by the color purple theatrical version that starred on Broadway, in 2015. An animated short, Baba Yaga of which she was a producer, earned her an Emmy.

The emergence of the term EGOT is attributed to actor Philip Michael Thomas, who played detective Rico Tubbs in the series Miami Vice . She exposed it in a 1984 interview he gave to the Associated Press. She then used that acronym to express her ambition to win all four major awards in the next five years. He later he tried to establish that EGOT responded to energy, growth ( growth ), opportunity and talent. But the die was already cast with the initial meaning.

That expression reached his recognition, however, in the teleseries 30 rocks (Rockefeller Plaza in Spain). In one of its chapters, in 2009, one of the characters asks: “Who is an EGOT?”, and another answers: “GOAT is not a person, it is a goal”.

It was a retroactive foundation for those who had won the four awards when the term had not yet been set. Rodgers is listed as number one for an achievement from 1962. The highest entry was recorded in 2018. John Legend, Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice entered hand in hand in 2018 for NBC’s live concert of Jesus Christ Superstar .

Although the club is expandable, it is not easy. At the gates are Lin-Manuel Miranda (she lacks the Oscar), Cher (she misses the Tony), Elton John (she is without an Emmy) and Viola Davis (she lacks a Grammy).

And it is clear that Philip Michael Thomas did not achieve his goal.

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Jennifer Hudson, another face in the select group of EGOT