Jennifer Coolidge, a veteran actress who is consecrated

The Golden Globes nomination for “The White Lotus” for best miniseries despite having 13 episodes (normal for this category is a maximum of eight or 10), generated resentment but never questioned the quality of the production. It was no coincidence, then, that he won the award in that category. But more applauded was the consecration of Jennifer Coolidge as best supporting actress for her composition as the dissatisfied millionaire Tanya, who visits luxury hotels in both the first and second seasons (the only character to repeat) without any happiness.

Coolidge is a veteran of the industry who received recognition in her six decades, after having been in 120 films (such as the “American Pie” saga) and with hundreds of appearances in television series. She now adds her Golden Globe to last year’s Emmy, which confirms that she is never late.

In his gratitude he spoke of his beginnings, his frustrations and his rebirths. “He had big dreams and expectations when he was younger, and what happened is they just faded with life. She thought that she was going to be queen of Monaco, although someone had already done it. But she had these giant ideas. And then you get older and everything goes to shit. AND, Mike White (referring to the director of the miniseries), you gave me hope. You have given me a new beginning. Even if this is the end, because you did kill me, but even if this is the end, you have changed my life in a million different ways,” he stated, spoilers in between, which is not relevant because the most interesting thing about the script is its development and not its closure.

“I just want to say that some of the people who are in this room are the five people who kept me going for 20 years with these little jobs,” he said and addressed ryan murphy: “You were one of them. Those little jobs that kept me going. I didn’t know anyone, and I wasn’t going anywhere with that.” He also mentioned michael patrick king that summoned her to the cast of “Sex and the City” and Reese witherspoonprotagonist of “Legally Blonde”, a film in which he was also a part.

Coolidge’s face began on the screen in 1993, with a participation in an episode of “Seinfeld.” Her long career -never as a leading lady- included the films “Austin Powers,“ Zoolander ”,“ A Modern Cinderella ”,“ The Secret Life of a Teenager ”and“ Glee ”, among many others. And she will soon debut in “We have a ghost”, with david harbor and on Netflix.

“My neighbors talk to me and things like that. I have never been invited to a party in my neighborhood, and now everyone invites me! ”, He ended his speech in the middle of an ovation.

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Jennifer Coolidge, a veteran actress who is consecrated